Virgin Islands State Drug Testing Laws

Drug Testing IssueStatusComments
Disciplinary Action--Virgin Islands law does not prohibit the employer from taking any disciplinary action otherwise consistent with local, state, or federal law.
Marijuana ConcernSee CommentsAn employer may discipline an employee for violation of a workplace drug policy or for working while under the influence of Cannabis.. A positive drug test does not prove under the influence.sotiS fti zimfrt
US Coast Guard Regulated CompaniesRequiredUnder USCG regulations, drug testing and random drug testing are required.r

Marijuana is legal in the Virgin Islands both medical and recreational.  Drug testing is legal in the Virgin Islands.

Drug Testing in Virgin Islands

Testing locations are available in all areas. For immediate service for employers or individuals call 866-843-4545 or Order Now.

Marijuana Laws for Virgin Islands

Marijuana considerations are important and marijuana laws often update often, check out Marijuana in the Workplace.