Training & Consulting

Are you an employer looking for training for supervisors, employees, or program managers? Perhaps you want to be trained as a collector or renew your DOT collector Qualification and mock collections. Maybe you are an employer seeking assistance with your drug free workplace program or a new business who is starting a drug testing business.

2021 Live Training Webinar Schedule

DOT Urine Specimen Collector Training

02/18/2021 – 3pm ET
06/02/2021 3pm ET
12/02/2021 3pm ET

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Designated Employer Training (DER) Training

01/28/2021 – 11am ET
04/29/2021 3pm ET
09/14/2021 3pm ET

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Supervisor Training – Reasonable Suspicion

02/04/2021 1pm ET
05/06/21 1pm ET
09/21/2021 3pm ET

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TPA & Random Program Management Training

02/02/2021 1pm ET
06/17/2021 3pm ET
10/19/2021 3pm ET

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DOT Collector Best Practices & How-to Review

02/23/2021 11am ET
05/26/2021 4pm ET
12/09/2021 11am ET

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Starting a Drug Testing Business

03/02/2021 3pm ET
08/09/2021 11am ET
11/09/2021 4pm ET

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Employer Training

National Drug Screening offers training programs for compliance with drug and alcohol testing programs including DOT programs and non-DOT programs. These include: Supervisor Training, Designated Employer Representative, Employee Training, and more.

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Collector Training

Our collector training programs are available via on-demand, live webinar, and in person at your location. Training is available for required DOT specimen collectors including mock collections, hair collections, oral fluid, Breathe Alcohol Technician (BAT), and fingernail collections. Courses include certificate of completion.

Online Training Webinar Training

Business Start-up Consulting

If you are looking to enter the drug testing industry, or expand your drug testing business, finding a consultant that can take you to the next level is important. Joe Reilly and his expert team at National Drug Screening can help you determine the steps necessary to reach your goals.

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Drug Free Workplace Policies & Programs

The written policy is the foundation of a drug-free workplace program. It establishes the who, what, where and how of your drug testing program. In the program, it is very important to identify clearly the specific consequences of violating the policy with a positive test or a refusal to test.

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