Jenna, Thank you so much !! You are always so prompt and helpful and I appreciate that!

Tami M – University Place Refuse Service

I don’t have to talk to this company very often, but when I do they are always on top of it. Polite curious and helpful and quick. Defiantly worth the money.

Gary P

Brandon, “Let me tell you something. You are absolutely fantastic to talk to, you sound so professional! It has been a pleasure speaking with you. “


HI Erika, Thank you so much. Glad that Quest gave me your #. You were very knowledgeable, helpful and a much better deal. Also, I guess the other company sends the results requiring a follow up email to ask if they can provide the CG719P so you have a way better experience end to end as well. I’ll definitely refer your company to others I know are looking.


What an Outstanding group of people. The folks at NDS go ABOVE & BEYOND. They are friendly, understanding and helpful. Would Absolutely recommend them for serving your needs.

Jesslynn O

I’ve been running a TPA for years and for years I’ve been working with NDS. Have nothing but praise for their efforts and help they’ve given me. Joe Reilly is a class act and all of his team members are also wonderful to work with. They take their time with you help explain things and go above and beyond with their service. Toni, Valerie, Char, and Tracy have all been huge helps and I look forward to working with the NDS team as my business grows. Thank you all!


National Drug Screening is a great company to work with due to their diligence, professionalism, and communications with our department is spectacular.

Coming into Human Resources my very first project was to schedule drug testings. Being pretty new to the HR world, it seemed like a daunting task. Specifically, Jenna Reed has been a wealth of information and took the time to answer any questions in detail that allowed me to excel with this project. I’ve been with my company for two year now and she is just as accessible and hardworking. Her patience and teaching style has made my experience with National Drug Screening a positive one. She truly is one that shines above the rest.

Sierra A

I cannot account for a time that I have been let down by National Drug Screening with the help of their amazing staff my business runs smoothly.

I often have questions and need updates with quick turnaround times between Toni and Valerie there’s not a page left unturned!! They are extremely knowledgeable, warm and always engaging. Keep up the amazing job. Worth the service for sure.

Rikkisha P

I first wrote a review for NDS a couple years back. It was 5 stars back then and I can’t say I have any reason to change my rating since. Working with folks at NDS has been a big help at growing our small family business. To name a few folks… Char, Toni, Jenna, Valarie, and Lisa are responsive, very helpful, and friendly. Joe and Tom have also been a fantastic resource whenever I’ve needed to reach out to them for assistance. Glad to have connected with such a great company – keep it up! – Jason Tastsides (C-DAT Testing Services)

Jason – C-DAT Testing Services

NDS is the best vendor I have worked with when it comes to drug and alcohol testing. I have been using them since 2019 and couldn’t be happier. Joe and his team are very knowledgeable, and always available for support. Being new to drug testing, they made me feel more comfortable with the ins and out of the program. I am very grateful for Joe and his team. The customer service is outstanding. It is hard to find good customer service now days. If you need a vendor for your drug and alcohol testing needs, please choose them. You wont regret it.

Verena V

“Hello April … I just wanted to say thank you! I got the test done and you couldn’t have sent me to a better place. The lady that works there, I think the one you spoke to yesterday, was so nice and professional just like you. Thank you again and God bless you. Have a wonderful day”

Going the Extra Mile!

The customer service was some of the best I’ve ever experienced. Erika went above and beyond to make sure all of my needs were met she was literally a life saver…


Best I’ve ever experienced

I am writing to you regarding your employee Denise.  I have been dealing with Denise for over two weeks now regarding testing for my nephew in NY.  We were in a jam because we did not know where he could get tested. Other places I called were not very helpful or took the time to explain the process to us.  However, Denise took a stressful situation for me and my nephew and was able to assist us immediately!  I have communicated with her a few times so far and find her to be so friendly and she does what she can to help the customer.  
I am in the customer service field and I know how people like to write to complain about someone, yet they seldom send a compliment.  I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated what she has done for us and continues to do!

Liz B.

My dear Sheila, Thank you so much for all you do! Have an amazing weekend!  You are the best testing specialist ever!!! :blush:Thank you,


I have been submitting to testing for almost a year with the help of your company. I am writing to convey how much I appreciate the outstanding customer service I have received from Valerie Carlson. It is a gift and a blessing to have someone handling the testing with a professional approach and a non-judgmental attitude. I am immensely grateful to Valerie. She makes this experience manageable with her positive and professional approach! Thank you National Drug Screening for having a caring employee like Valerie Carlson, someone I will always be grateful for!


I’m so glad we will continue working together! Your customer service is the best in the business, it’s crazy to think that we have now worked together over 3 different companies. Have a great day!


Appreciate being able to ask questions and getting such a quick response from Jenna. She is very patient explaining how we can best utilize their service. They are a great consortium service, and everyone I have dealt with goes the extra mile. 

Goes the extra mile…

Thank you, Jenna … for your awesome customer service and support!


Thank you so much, Sheila. You were a HUGE help and awesome to work with. God bless and have a wonderful day!


Thank you for everything Sheila! I can’t tell you how much it means to have you working so diligently to make this a process that’s easy.

Samia N.

“I wanted to take a second to acknowledge Erika. She was able to get everything I need completed (I did not make it easy) Her work speaks volumes of the kind of person she is – efficient, organized and result-oriented. Always took my calls and willing to assist. Thank you Erika for everything. Tom you have a great person/rep in Erika!”

Diane M.

Hi Sheila. Again I cannot thank you enough. I know it is what you do all day everyday but for me and my son, this was a huge requirement that was very difficult to find someone to take care of this. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!!Thanks,

Leslie D.

The best provider I ever used. Every agent was professional, nice, and really wanted to help. They exceeded every commitment they made to me. And Denise is a rock star. She went the extra mile for me three times in one transaction. I cannot possibly like this group more.

Ted S

I wanted to let someone know about the excellent service I received from Sheila today. She was very helpful and worked with me to find the best collection center for my transportation needs. Hats off to Sheila!

Kristin D

Thank you Shelia for all your help and support for my personal problem. You were there for me on stand by,if I needed it by giving me the steps to follow to make it easier and smoother. Your service was excellent. I know every life you touch thinks the same way.

Jean C

Thank you so much for all of your help this past year! You really made things easier for us! We appreciate it!


I wanted you to know that Ashley in Randoms is a lifesaver!! She comprehends and teaches the complex simply. Much Appreciation for her efforts!!

Phil D.

I just wanted to say thank you (Sheila) for your excellent customer service and assistance you provided me during our phone call yesterday. I am incredibly relieved to know that I now have a single point of contact that I can reach out to as I deal with my situation over the next 10 months. Thank you for listening and being so helpful and understanding during or conversation. I am incredibly relieved to know I don\’t have to try and navigate this very confusing process all alone. Thanks and I look forward to being in touch and working with you through this process. Best regards!

Jay S.

I wanted to take a moment to say how much we enjoy and appreciate working with Michelle Penny. She is always prompt and extremely professional…but still very personable. She has been instrumental in us being able to understand our account and to help us grow our drug testing business.

She is an asset to us so I can only imagine how much she means to your organization.

I hope to see you in San Antonio!
Michael Barnes

Michael Barnes, Unique Background Solutions

“National Drug Screening and Valerie have been a pleasure to work with, let alone saving me in area’s of the country where I have trouble finding locations to do testing for pre-employment. They always help in any way they can and have my back every time. On top of that their rates are great.”

Mark R.

What a nice note from a law firm we helped out with a drug test requirement:

I work at a law firm in Michigan that, among other things, assists people who wish to get their driving privileges restored. A 10 panel urine screen is required by the Secretary of State in order to request a hearing. We had a client who submitted a 10 panel urine drug test at a facility. The sample was sent to Alere who tested the sample and the results were then to National Drug Screening who provided our client with his report (this is my understanding anyway).

The Michigan Secretary of State requires drug tests have at least two adulterants listed on a petitioner’s report. Our client’s report only had one adulterant. I called your company and was assisted by Michelle Penny, who went above and beyond to help me, along with another person whose name I did not get but I believe he is a VP. Michelle and I spoke multiple times and every time she was very helpful, pleasant, and always got back with me in a timely manner. Your company was unable to provide me with a report showing two adulterants so the VP called the Michigan Secretary of State and explained the situation. He was told our client could submit proof that the sample was within a certain temperature range. Michelle was able to provide our client with a report showing his sample was within the range. As a result, we were still able to use our client’s report.

I communicate with a lot of people during the course of the day and it’s uncommon for me to get the excellent customer service I received from your company.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming holiday!


Woohoo!!! Thank you so much, Erika!! You’ve been wonderful to work with during a very not wonderful period for me. I hope someone returns the favor for you someday. If I ever have an opportunity I will certainly recommend National Drug Screening to others!


Sheila, I absolutely will keep in touch with you. I’m 100% satisfied with the service you have provided and will be more than happy to return to you for future business. Thank you kindly ♡

Melody F.

I would like to commend Jenna Reed. Jenna Reed and I have a great working relationship. Jenna is knowledgeable, informative, a very pleasant person to work with. No matter how busy she may be – you couldn’t tell because she is always there for you. We have an audit coming up soon which required so much information and details and she worked on this with me for days and I was able to get it done. She is an asset to NDS and she should be commended for her excellent work.

Julie L.

Sheila has been diligently working with our company helping with our implementation for the TN Drug-Free Workplace Program. She has been great and always responded quickly to my calls and e-mails. I told her without her help, I would have not been given the opportunity to present this program to our CEO I would like to commend her and your company for her excellent service!

Kindra W.

I needed to send this email to you to thank you and your whole team for the amazing customer service and fantastic representatives that you have there […] Valerie, Jordan and Sheila have moved mountains for me and my team today… You took the time to listen to me babble and struggle to put words together trying to explain the issues at hand. You were patient, very kind and took the initiative to look into my order […] You 3 are absolutely magnificent and a Godsend! I appreciate the prompt & efficient manner in which all 3 of you expedited our issues and I am truly grateful for the professionalism, kindness, patience, and Christ-like manner you all showed to me and my family….

Deanna S.

Hello, I would like to take the time to say thank you to Erika Hammer for all her time and dedication over the last four months. When I finally called your company, I had a court order requiring proof of six months of sobriety; I had already 4 months of sobriety, but no proof to provide. Unfortunately, the standard weekly testing available to me was costly and widely unavailable as most local testing sites were open business hours the same as my own. Erika guided me through all my questions and listened in detail to my dilemma. She was beyond gracious and helpful the entire time. She was available by her direct line any time I needed a document for my attorney. Thank you so much to everyone at National Drug Screening for helping me work through what felt like an impossible requirement in the court system, and for connecting me with the correct laboratories and facilities to conduct 2 appointments, 3 months apart, for hair follicle collections. The money I was able to save by doing hair follicle testing rather than weekly testing helped me save for an attorney. I could not have met the court’s order without the excellent service provided by National Drug Screening.

O. T.

WOW Tom!!! YOU are amazing thank you so much !!!

Maria B.

“I just wanted to say, she (Sheila) is absolutely remarkable. Thank you and mostly her for all her hard work on my screening process. She totally went out of her way to help me and I\’m ever so GRATEFUL… She was super nice and EXTREMELY helpful making this horrible situation of mine a much better thing. Thank her for me. This woman deserves a huge raise and pat on the back as well… Please make sure to put this in her file. Your company is very lucky to use such an AWESOME employee.”

Carrie D.

I just wanted to say “Thank You” for the card with all the thoughtful words. I appreciate you guys taking the time to do something so generous and beautiful. I am blessed to know all my passion and work ethic helps you guys out! Thank you for always assisting with no hesitation! You guys rock!! Thank you again Michelle, Ashley S, and Ashley W.

Travis T.

Thank you so much Erika. You have been great to work with during a very stressful time. Not sure if you get recognition for it or not, but you do your job very well and have been very responsive and caring the entire time. It didn\’t get unnoticed or go unappreciated. I’m very grateful!


Hi Valerie, I just wanted to thank you for being so helpful always. Do you have a supervisor/boss I can send a positive letter to? I would like to do that for you if I can. You, Jordan and Ryan were all super helpful every time I called or emailed and I would like to acknowledge that but especially you as you walked me through this entire process without a hitch! You are excellent at your job!

Erik P.

Thanks as always [Erika] for the prompt response. I have always appreciated your professionalism and good humor when we spoke by phone prior to the first test!


[Michelle] You have always been so helpful and prompt. Thank you for what you do for us your client. It is always nice to have great service. I am so happy we have started working with […you] We are slowly but surely bringing all of our drug testing over to you guys!

Michael B.

[Thanks Valerie!…]You are awesome, thank you for always taking such good care of us!

Brandi G.

Char, I really appreciate everything that you have done for me. […] Again, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all that you have done. You have gone above and beyond!

Lisa G.

My husband and I are writing this letter of gratitude for the service we have received from your employee, Claire Malfroy. Seeking information and help for our son\’s drug addiction, we called National Drug Screening Inc. Claire answered our call and provided help and guidance during a difficult time for us. Claire helped us to set up drug testing for our son who lives in Brooklyn, New York. In addition, she gave us her direct line so that we could correspond with her more readily and emailed us several times to keep us informed of his appointment to the drug testing center.

Dealing with our son\’s addiction has been painful, but it helps to have supportive people like Ms. Malfroy. We really appreciated her conscientiousness and professionalism.

Jennifer R.

Due to an unfortunate situation […], we required the services of National Drug Screening five times over the last year. My contact throughout was with Erika Hammer. Erika was extremely patient, courteous, and professional. She handled each testing with a genuine concern that helped ease the process for my family and I. Under the circumstances, my experience with Erika has been a pleasure and if ever needed again I would not hesitate to contact her. Erika’s hard work and understanding should be commended. Thank you!

Ralph C.

Tom, Many thanks for the [training] game templates and information. It is always wonderful to have new tools to use when doing course development and presentation. I just finished writing my trip summary and mentioned your session as one of the highlights of having attended the 2017 SAPAA Annual Conference. You are a dynamic, knowledgeable and enthusiastic speaker. It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to seeing you at future professional gatherings. Again, thank you!

Lesley K.

Thanks Jordan…You are just the best! Thank you again for taking the time to help me with my situation. It is so comforting to know that there is someone on this end to help me 🙂

Mitzi H.

Hi Christina – Thanks again for all your help. You really have gone above and beyond and I appreciate that so much!

Mark S.

This morning I had the pleasure of working with Erika. I was asked to set up a pre-employment drug screen for a candidate and it had to happen TODAY! The candidate is living in a part of the country that we do not normally operate and I wasn’t sure where to start. I found NationalDrugScreening.com on the internet. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical. I called the number and hoped for the best.

The best is what I received. I worked with Erika Hammer explaining my dilemma. She walked me through the process and even made recommendations on how to make the process even easier than it was already. Within minutes, I had everything set up and an email in my in-box with all the information I needed for my candidate. Erika was knowledgeable, pleasant, and efficient. She was a pleasure to work with and even followed up with me to see if there was anything Ineeded. This is an example of exemplary customer service! Thank you!!

Christa B.

[Tom] I would like you to know that I really had a great time interning with National Drug Screening. You were an excellent boss and mentor and I would be happy to recommend other students to intern with you. I learned a lot and I have to say that most of the knowledge that I gained came from you. It was awesome having a boss that cared about what I learned and not just the work I completed and I have to thank you for that!

Michael C. (Intern)

I am currently enrolled in a Graduate program for family nurse practitioner. Today I was attempting to obtain a drug screening without success. I was given the phone number of your facility and I have to take the time out to send a special thanks to Erika! I was really amazed at the friendly, caring and considerate customer service I was given by Erika today. She even [went above and beyond and called my] student advisor for me to ensure the correct testing was being ordered!

Nola T.

Valerie, Thank you for your help and wonderful customer service today! I have been in the service industry most of my career and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate great service. This organization is very lucky to have you on their team. I will definitely being using your service in the future! Thanks again for making this process so simple and for such a quick turnaround time!

Cindy P.

Tom…Thank you so much and things are running so smoothly. Your company is great.

Kaye A.

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I have been working with Char on scheduling a pre-employment drug screen, and she has been absolutely wonderful to work with. We have a new hire in a very rural area and were needing a drug screen quickly. I called Char on a Friday afternoon and she was very happy to help me out.

She had to make seven different calls before she was able to find something for us, but she was very quick in getting everything taken care of for me. She never sounded frustrated, which I would have understood given the circumstances. She was always very cheerful on the phone, and made me feel like I was her number one priority. This employee is a great example of \”Matchless Service\”, which is something we strive for in our company. She deserves to be recognized! I will definitely think of National Drug Screening FIRST when we have pre-employment drug screen needs. Thank you, Char!!!

Courtney S.

Michelle, Thank you so very much … [for your assistance in getting our account set up]. We love using your service!


Erika, I am really impressed with how well you explained everything and made something that seemed so complicated very simple. I Look forward to working with you. Thank you!

Kimberly S.

Char, Thanks very much for your help! Your service was easy to use, efficient, and cost effective! Cheers, Mitch

Mitch B.

Seeing as how in 2017 outstanding customer service is hard to come by, I was comforted in knowing that on today my service with Erika, proved contrary. Erika was patient and thorough with my concerns… [in setting up my drug test]. She even went to the extent to call several clinics [to make sure] that they accommodated my requirements [for] my screening. More people like Erika need to be in the customer service field, as it seems today, the needs of the customer are often overlooked.

Kenecia W.

Thank you so much [Michelle Penny] !!! I am going to tell all [of the people] I know about your firm…how efficient, professional, and well, quite frankly, I can\’t say enough positives about NATIONAL DRUG SCREENING!!! [you are] amazing!!! Thank you so much!

Kevin H.

Thank you a million times over for your support, Christina. You always go above and beyond and we are blown away. Thank you for always being patient and willing to help, regardless of how many mistakes we make! We are so lucky to be able to have you on our side!

Ashley, Capt. Ron & The Crew

“Char, Thank you so much. You all are providing great service. Everything worked exactly as it was supposed to, thanks again.”

John B.

“Erika! You are amazing. Thank you for helping me navigate thru this (drug testing process). I’m so grateful.”

Nicole K.

5 Star Review

I was having a lot of trouble finding a facility in Wisconsin for a pre-employment drug screening for a new employee. I had left messages with no returned calls at a few different facilities, and when I did finally get through to someone, was transferred from person to person. Then I found National Drug Screening. Valerie answered on the second ring and was so friendly and easy to talk to. She was SO HELPFUL in getting something scheduled for us! Our company is in the process of expanding across the US, and we will definitely be using National Drug Screening in the future!! Thank you so much, Valerie!!!! I joined Yellow Pages just so I could leave you this review – that\’s how strongly I feel about my experience!

Jennie H.

You made the process simple, easy, and cost-effective too! Rare in this world. Thank you.

Captain Alexander (Sasha) Bouis

We are so grateful for the wisdom and expertise that Joe Reilly and his team at National Drug Screening regularly share with us. As our growing business has needs and questions, we always receive prompt and knowledgeable support for every situation. Joe is sincerely invested in our success. He offers us guidance in difficult decisions, marketing suggestions, management instruction, and regular problem solving discussions that teach and prepare us to become experts in our field. I am certain our partnership with Joe will grow our business faster and more professionally than we could have grown it alone.

Compass Drug Screening – Jenna Richardson


Our son … has now satisfied the Court mandate and is no longer required to obtain routine alcohol screenings. I just wanted to thank you personally for making this very tedious process super manageable. You and your organization were always responsive and helpful, which made our lives easier while navigating through this challenging time. We wish you all the best, and will be delighted to recommend your services to anyone who requires screening.

Thank you again, and enjoy your summer!

Pat – Parent

“I only use your system about 2-3 times a year, so I just want to say how great your customer service is. I only wish I could remember the names of the people who helped me several days ago with the on-line system. I won’t go into detail, but it is so refreshing to get humans on the other end of the phone. So often I hear, “Your call is very important to us..”

Valerie was so helpful to me just a few minutes ago, when she returned my call, that I felt compelled to drop you an e-mail and say, “Well done!”

Chris Whitman
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Hey Joe,

Wanted to wish you a happy new year and share with you the result of my 2 year audit on our Coast Guard Drug Testing Consortium that was just conducted by the DAPI from Miami this past week.

So first off, Happy New Year! Hope you had a nice holiday season.

As for the audit, we have a model program in her words. The most thorough she has ever seen in her 3 years in that role! (Which is surprising) She was quite happy with our practices, methodology and our record keeping.

I3Screen provided me with the scientific evidence proving their random selection was truly random which she was surprised I had and said she had never seen anyone produce that evidence (again surprising).

She came with one of our local Coast Guard inspectors and I think he learned a lot about what a drug test program should be. Hopefully that will have a positive effect.

My hat is off to you as we follow the program that you helped us to put in place.

To the best of our ability we continue to follow as closely to the regulations as we can and to encourage our customers to do the same. We have fired a few customers who could not seem to follow the program’s simple and clear guidelines and that has been well worth doing. We don’t miss these folks.

So again I want to thank you for all the help you gave us getting started and the continued support along the way!

Best regards,
Capt. Robert Alport
Captain School USVI – The Captain’s Consortium Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
“Training Professionals”
American Yacht Harbor
Red Hook, St. Thomas USVI
340-775-2278 (24/7)

Captain Robert Alport – Captain School USVI – The Captain’s Consortium Drug and Alcohol Testing Program


I am so happy with the service I received from National Drug Screening. Thank you for all your help. I look forward to using your services again in the near future.

Joyce Warn
Assistant HR Manager
Private Utility Locating Solutions, Incorporated (PULS, Inc)

Private Utility Locating Solutions, Incorporated (PULS, Inc)

Thank you. Wow! I am very impressed with your company\’s easy account setup, quick test scheduling, and fast response! Thank you Michelle and Valerie!

Juliet Venzara
Practice Administrator

Florida Retina Specialists

Joe is a true entrepreneur having mastered the industry and grown his drug testing company to the point where it could be sold as a sustaining firm to new owners. It\’s an execution of a textbook strategy that few have done in our new industry. Prior to that Joe served as one of the finest Chairmen of DATIA, helping its growth of over 10% annually while dealing with complex Board interrelationships

Jeffrey C. Smith, Entrepreneur, public policy advocate

Joe and I have worked to gether in the Drug Testing industry for many years. Joe is alway available to answer any questions that I have had. He is very professional and out going. Joe and I have also worked together at the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association where he has been very pro-active for the industry. I look forward to still working with Joe

Dean Klassy Sr., Drug Testing Program Administrator

You are truly a pillar of our drug and alcohol testing industry, a visionary and a valuable resource for how to make a solution a “win-win” for all parties. I appreciate your professionalism, honesty and ability to think outside the box when faced with challenges and opportunities.
You have donated countless hours of time helping others new to the industry learn the ropes and share experiences to help launch their businesses.

I know I have personally gained valuable knowledge and guideance from your vast wealth of knowledge and connections. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is enterring the drug and alcohol industry as a value added resource. I am proud to know you as a fellow professional and on a personal level.

Joe Reilly runs an exceptional business with customer focused employees. Joe has often referred business to us at ExperTox and he is highly respected throughout the drug and alcohol testing industry and remains a valuable resource for all.

Loretta Anderson
ExperTox Inc

Loretta Anderson, President at All American Screening and Medical & Expertox

I highly recommend Mr Reilly. A wealth of knowledge in the drug testing industry. All my training and certification goes through Mr Reilly. All around great guy.

Quinton Butler, C/TPA at Drug and Alcohol Compliance/ QM Testing

I needed a mentor to teach me the ins and outs of my new industry. I did a lot of research before finding Joe, and I’m glad I found him. He is a recognized expert and knows many of the key players in the industry. He is also an experienced, thorough and organized coach, was available when needed, and continues to stay in touch. On top of that, he understands the business side of the business, which is one of the keys to success.

Tim Thoelecke, Jr., CPC, CPCT, BAT – InOut Labs

Joe, has been my mentor in the Drug & Alcohol business now for about a year. His deep and detailed knowledge of the business has helped me successfully start up ClearCheks. The best part of working with Joe is that he is trustworthy, consistent, reliable and very knowledgeable in our field of work. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Joe Reilly!

Karim Sosa, President/Owner at ClearCheks, LLC

What do we do?

We are a TPA and manage all aspects of drug testing to include specimen collections, lab testing, MRO, Randoms, drug testing policies and training. We are a one-stop shop and can provide services to fit any customer’s needs. We provide service with honesty, integrity, well trained employees and our services are affordable and convenient.

Why do we do it?

To provide the customer a back-office solution to save our customer time which in turn saves them money. Drug testing also limits a customer’s exposure by lowering the risk of accidents, employee absenteeism and lack of productivity.

Julie Floriano, Vice President Operations

Julie Floriano, National Drug Screening


If you need a drug or alcohol test, call National Drug Screening. We make it a very easy process!

National Drug Screening is a third-party administrator awarded national accreditation by the “Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association” also known as DATIA.

We are a team of professionals having 30 years of combined experience and knowledge in the drug testing industry.

Our company offers immediate testing with quick turn-around results for:


court-ordered programs


legal cases

child custody

required testing for colleges and universities

personal reasons

Our services also include flexible and customized programs for companies and individuals; consulting services to employers and providers of drug testing services; MRO services, turn-key random program management (DOT and Non-DOT); on-site testing, training programs, written drug testing policies and DNA paternity testing.

We use secure, state of the state of the art technology. Our team is dedicated to providing superior and personalized customer service. To quote, Joe Reilly, President of National Drug Screening, from his recent presentation to Owens Corning of Ohio,

“We answer the phone!”


Our goal is to provide companies with solutions on how to save money by hiring employees who are drug free, maintain more productive employees, reduce absenteeism and turnover; reduce employee theft and workplace violence; reduce accidents; reduce workers’ compensation costs and keep compliant with Federal and State drug and alcohol testing requirements and also to assist individuals with their drug testing needs.

We understand the importance and timeliness of drug testing requirements and strive to make it a very easy process for companies and individuals to order affordable tests with quick results reporting.

Our company is committed to curbing substance abuse.

Valerie Carlson, Drug Screening Specialist, 8/11/15

Valerie Carlson, National Drug Screening

“I have worked with Joe Reilly for over 18 years. He has a high degree of understanding and comprehension of the many facets of the drug testing business. He appreciates customer satisfaction and how customer satisfaction empowers your business model. It is often said that knowledge can be powerful. Most importantly, Joe’s knowledge can help you increase your industry contacts, sales and your bottom-line.”

Phil Dubois, Chairman Elect of the Board of Directors at Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association

“Joe is a great leader and a well know industry expert. He has provided invaluable assistance to our team in assisting with the training of our franchisees. Potential Contributions – (1) Serves as a leader and strategist, evaluating trends in the industry, and developing and executing the overall sales and marketing plan, on a national/international basis, (2) Develops effective ways to sell into highly competitive markets, leading, training and managing continuous improvement of the sales process, (3) Builds, motivates and retains sales teams with a common sense of purpose and achievement, and a strong commitment to attaining market leadership.”

Joe Strom -http://usamdt.com/

Joseph M. Strom Jr, USA Mobile Drug Testing, LLC

“It is an honor and a privilege to be able to share the experiences I have had with Joe Reilly. He has been my mentor in the drug testing industry for over 20 years. His ability over the years to promote his business and brand has not been equaled in the industry. Joe has been an invaluable source of knowledge to me over the years as well as to many others. He has always been responsive and available no matter how trivial the questions might be. He was a competitor and yet we trusted each other with our clients. If I needed an answer I knew Joe would be the one to go to. Joe was all about sharing his knowledge. I believe that is why he became so successful he continued to give back to the industry all the time. Now that Joe has sold his business and moved on to become a consultant for the industry I am happy to say that he is now consulting with me and NMS to help us grow our business to the next level. I have no doubt that Joe will help us to be successful.”

Elaine Taule, MMS Management Services, Inc