NDS Culture

What is our culture at National Drug Screening, Inc? First off, we are basically a small business, but we service over three thousand customers in all 50 states.  We have over 10,000 drug test collection sites available in all areas of the United States.  

Our speciality is that we are experts in all things drug & alcohol testing and drug free workplace programs. We do not provide other services; we are laser focused on providing the best drug & alcohol testing services available in the USA only. We provide great customer service with fair and competitive pricing.

Professional reputation is everything for National Drug Screening while maintaining status as top industry experts. Take a look at our trust seals and accreditations

Learn our culture from our company President Joe Reilly with his video – National Drug Screening – A Great Corporate Culture. Also learn our culture from our team members with their video’s featured on this page.

Knowledge is power.  We train all our team members in all things drug testing.  We always answer the phone, and our team can answer your question or get you to the right person to help you.  You will not have a dedicated account rep, you will have a dedicated account team.

What is our Mission?

We are in business, so part of our mission is to make money.  Our statement of our company’s goals and philosophy, our mission is:

This mission is what we work for day in and day out.  Our customers always have access to our team for questions. We operate to keep our customers compliant with Federal and State regulations. We operate always with industry best practices and standards.  We will not take shortcuts or break any rules to save a dollar. 

Our company President, Joe Reilly is considered a leading expert in drug testing in the United States.  He has a reputation for his knowledge and expertise.  Joe is called on by many individuals and organizations to provide assistance, consultation, expert witness testimony, training, speaking engagements, audit support and guidance.  Joe is available to NDS team members, all NDS clients and he provides his time and expertise to anyone who asks a question.  Call Joe at 321-622-2020.

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