Idaho - Considerations for Marijuana in the Workplace

Marijuana Law:

Marijuana Law:

Employer Concerns – Significant to Review

  • Marijuana is totally illegal in this state and there are very staunch possession laws.
  • In 2021 with S 1017, Idaho further shored up the state’s position on marijuana by amending the state’s Uniformed Controlled Substances Act which mirrors the federal Drug Enforcement Administration’s controlled substance scheduling including placing synthetic cannabinoids in Schedule I.
  • Idaho has a voluntary drug testing law that, although not required, if an employer elects to comply, they will enjoy limited protections and qualify for a workers’ compensation premium reduction (as determined by their insurance carrier). Additionally, if complied with, this voluntary law affords an employer greater latitude to deny unemployment claims.
  • Although not required, with compliance of the voluntary law (above), an employer has greater latitude to deny unemployment claims.





Other Impacting Laws

(e.g., drug testing, workers’ compensation, unemployment)
  • Under the unemployment law specifications, adulteration or submission of a sample that does not belong to the donor are work-related misconduct.
  • An employee discharged for a confirmed positive drug test will not be eligible for unemployment benefits.
  • Except with narrow variances, when intoxication is the reasonable and substantial cause of an injury, the employee will not qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Apply the Checklist of Impacting Issues to Research provided by NDS for additional state laws and issues that can relate to and/or impact your operations regarding employee use of marijuana.


(e.g., Bill Number, Authority)

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Drug Testing in Idaho

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Drug Testing Laws for Idaho

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