Florida - Considerations for Marijuana in the Workplace

Marijuana Law:

Marijuana Law:

Employer Concerns – Significant to Review

  • Florida law does allow medical marijuana
  • Employers are not required to accommodate the use of medical marijuana in the workplace or allow an employee to work under the influence of marijuana.
  • A case decision determined that employers are not required to pay for or facilitate an employee’s obtainment of medical marijuana.
  • Florida has a voluntary drug testing law that, although not required, if an employer elects to comply, they will qualify for a workers’ compensation premium discount. It does require testing for marijuana.
  • Florida has unemployment and workers’ compensation voluntary laws that, although not required, with compliance, an employer has greater latitude to deny claims.
  • Drug testing is required by the state for certain public contractors


  • See Significant above.
  • Drug testing for marijuana remains legal in Florida


No restrictions


No restrictions but use caution with medical marijuana patients.


  • Consumption prohibited in public places unless employer authorizes use.
  • Smoking is permitted (as of March 2019).
  • No consumption in transportation vehicles (car, boat, train, etc.).
  • Edibles are legal, but must have been commercially produced.

Other Impacting Laws

(e.g., drug testing, workers’ compensation, unemployment)
  • If an employee tests positive causing a discharge, he or she will not be eligible for unemployment compensation when the employer is adhering to the Florida drug-free workplace program and the Florida unemployment laws.
  • If an employee tests positive causing a discharge, it will be presumed intoxication was the cause of the injury (rebutted only by clear and convincing evidence) and he or she will not be eligible for workers’ compensation for his or her injury when the employer is adhering to the Florida drug-free workplace program and the Florida workers’ compensation laws.
  • Apply the Checklist of Impacting Issues for Employee Use of Marijuana provided by NDS for additional state laws and issues that can relate to and/or impact your operations regarding employee use of marijuana.


(e.g., Bill Number, Authority)

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Drug Testing in Florida

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