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If you need a drug test today, National Drug Screening can assist you with one phone call. We have drug testing centers across the united states. We can accomplish drug testing at our drug screen centers across the united states of America. our drug screening centers are located in Idaho and open daily.

Drug and alcohol testing in Idaho is accomplished with hair testing, urine testing, oral fluid testing and fingernail testing. If you need to test your teenagers for drugs, we can help; one phone call and we can get you in for a drug test today. K2 and Spice are dangerous and can cause health consequences. Bath salts are dangerous and cause many emergency room visits. National screening drug testing centers can test for bath salts and k2 – spice.

A drug free workplace program has five major components, it is not just drug testing. A comprehensive drug-free workplace program consists of:

  1. A comprehensive written drug and alcohol testing policy
  2. Employee education on the harmful effects of drugs and how one can get help for a substance abuse problem
  3. Supervisor training so that your supervisors know the signs and symptoms that someone might be under the influence and need a reasonable suspicion drug test
  4. Employee assistance program (EAP)  – providing resources so employees with a drug or alcohol abuse problem can get help
  5. Drug testing –typically pre-employment, random, post-accident, return to duty and follow up

Employers in Idaho have an opportunity to implement a comprehensive drug free workplace drug program. National drug screening can assist employers with a drug free workplace policy, either a non-dot policy or a dot policy. Employers in Idaho should be drug free.
The drug free workplace law in Idaho is voluntary. Once your company decides to participate in the Idaho drug-free workplace program then your company qualifies for limited legal protections and/or a reduction in workers’ compensation premiums. Contractors in Idaho working state contracts for construction or improvement of any public property or building must comply with the Idaho employer alcohol and drug-free workplace act. Discounts on workers compensation premiums are available: “for each policy of worker’s compensation insurance issued or renewed in the state on or after July 1, 1999, a reduction in the premium for the policy may be granted if the insurer determines the insured has established and maintains an alcohol and drug-free workplace program that complies with the requirements of sections 72-1701 through 72-1715, Idaho code>”

Insurance companies like liberty northwest give a five percent discount for the drug-free workplace. In order to qualify for the liberty northwest five percent drug free workplace credit, you must have a drug free workplace program policy that is communicated to all employees, is available for review by prospective employees, and explains the types of tests an employee or prospective employee may be subject to. All employees must be subject to the policy.

 You must use either a third-party testing organization like national drug screening for sample collection or perform onsite collections through trained and certified administrators. All positive tests must be confirmed by a government certified laboratory.

You must have a disciplinary process for those who test positive for alcohol and/or drugs. In addition, you must have a disciplinary process in the event an employee or prospective employee refuses the test or attempts to alter the results.

If you need a drug test now in idaho, our national drug screen centers can help you. We can set up a drug test with one easy phone call. Yes, we test individuals on a daily basis for personal drug testing, school drug testing, probation drug testing, court ordered drug testing and more. Our drug screen testing facilities are open daily and we test for drugs and alcohol with certified drug test results provided back to you. All policies are custom written as no two organizations are exactly alike and no two drug free workplace policies will be exactly the same either. Drug free workplace policies must meet the need of the organization now and in the future. A general drug free workplace policy generally starts with a company statement regarding the company obligation and right to have drug and alcohol free employees on the job and to provide a safe work environment. This means that during working hours employees are expected to be free from any substance, whether legal or illegal, that can negatively affect job performance or risk the health and safety of employees and the public.

Can employers fire employees using medical marijuana? Generally speaking yes an employer can fire an employee for using medical marijuana. This must be specifically outlined in the company drug free workplace policy. So you smoke only at home and off-duty? Not good enough. Consuming just at home or on weekends provides no protection if your workplace drug test comes back positive for marijuana.

Many folks are now using synthetic marijuana like k2 and spice. These chemicals do not show up in a standard 5 panel or 10 panel drug test. National drug screen centers can test for k2 and spice, the drug testing for k2 and spice must be specified in advance.

Some of the other companies in Idaho offering drug testing include: drugfree Idaho, global drug testing labs, wienhoff drug testing, Idaho work care, and absolute drug testing. National drug screening can work with your company in Idaho for your needs for drug-free workplace policy, drug testing, alcohol testing, dot drug testing, supervisor training, employee education, mobile or on-site drug testing, rapid drug testing, and much more. One phone call and you can discuss all drug and alcohol testing services for your company in Idaho.

National drug screening offers drug testing with quest diagnostics and LabCorp using patient service centers or psc’s. Both laboratories are SAMHSA certified for drug and alcohol testing. All types of drug testing programs are available including five-panel and 10 panel drug testing options. Drug testing will include the following drugs and more: amphetamines: amphetamine, methamphetamine, MDMA (ecstasy), cocaine metabolite, opiates: codeine, morphine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxycodone, oxymorphone; phencyclidine, marijuana metabolite, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, methadone, propoxyphene, methaqualone.

If you need a drug test today our national screen drug testing centers can help you today with just one phone call. Parents that want to test their children or teenagers can call our national drug screen confidential phone number to get a drug test scheduled today with complete confidentiality.
All types of drug testing are available at our drug testing center across the united states.

Drug testing and alcohol testing in Idaho

For drug testing in Idaho for employers call now: 866-843-4545

For drug testing in Idaho for individuals for immediate testing, call now: 866-843-4545

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Testing locations in Idaho

Location Address
Absolute Drug Testing Llc Kellog 204 Oregon St, Kellog, Idaho 83837
Absolute Drug Testing Sandpoint 102 S 4th Ave Ste G, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864
Absolute Drug Testing, Llc Coeur D’ Alene 5433 N Government Way, Coeur D' Alene, Idaho 83815
Advanced Drug Detection Ii Twin Falls 202 N. 2nd Ave, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
Advanced Drug Detection Llc Boise 7968 W Fairview Ave, Boise, Idaho 83704
American Diagnostics Corp. Of Ada Coun Boise 3172 Overland Road, Boise, Idaho 83705
American Mobil Drug Testing Coeur D Alene 1200 W Ironwood Dr, Coeur D Alene, Idaho 83814
American Mobile Drug Testing Sandpoint 120 E Lake St, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864
Bonners Ferry Family Medicine Bonners Ferry 6488 CHINOOK ST, Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805
Caribou Memorial Hospital Soda Springs 300 S 3rd W, Soda Springs, Idaho 83276
Cedar Springs Assoc, Inc Twin Falls 676 Shoup Ave W, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
Clearwater Medical Clinic Lewiston 1522 17th St, Lewiston, Idaho 83501
Clearwater Valley Hospital & Clinics Orofino 301 Cedar St., Orofino, Idaho 83544
Community Care Idaho Falls 2725 Channing Way, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83404
Community Care Idaho Falls 765 S Utah Ave, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402
D.A.T. Express Test-Ida-03 Idaho Falls 1789 W Broadway St, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402
Drug Shield Inc Boise 3085 N. Cole Rd, Boise, Idaho 83704
Eagle Drug And Alcohol Testing Sandpoint 102 South 4th Ave. Ste E, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864
Ellis Chiropractic-Idaho Workcare, Llc Blackfoot 512 W JUDICIAL ST, Blackfoot, Idaho 83221
Elmore Medical Center Mountain Home 895 N 6th E, Mountain Home, Idaho 83647
Emsi-Boise Boise 222 S Cole Rd, Boise, Idaho 83709
Emsi-Soda Springs Soda Springs 261 S Main St, Soda Springs, Idaho 83276
Examone-Boise Boise 6003 Overland Road, Boise, Idaho 83709
Global Drug Testing Coeur D Alene 2201 N Government Way, Coeur D Alene, Idaho 83814
Global Drug Testing-(Advanced Drug Det Boise 921 S ORCHARD ST, Boise, Idaho 83705
Gritman Memorial Hospital Moscow 700 S Main St, Moscow, Idaho 83843
Head To Toe Health Care-Idaho Workcare Preston 1514 S 800 W, Preston, Idaho 83263
Idaho Workcare, Llc Idaho Falls 203 N Holmes Ave, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
Johnson Family Chiropractic-Idaho Work Pocatello 2745 Pole Line Rd, Pocatello, Idaho 83201
Labcorp Pocatello 444 HOSPITAL WAY STE 401, Pocatello, Idaho 83201
Madison Memorial Hospital Rexburg 450 E Main Street, Rexburg, Idaho 83440
Magic Valley Regional Medical Center Twin Falls 650 Addison Ave W, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
Mccall Memorial Hospital Mccall 1000 State St, Mccall, Idaho 83638
Minert & Associates Meridian 623 E SCHILLER LN, Meridian, Idaho 83642
Mini-Cassia Occupational Health Rupert 1218 9th Street #14, Rupert, Idaho 83350
Mobile Drug Screen Burley 239 West 13th Street, Burley, Idaho 83318
North Idaho Family Physicians Coeur D Aleneq 700 West Ironwood Drive, Coeur D Alene, Idaho 83814
North Idaho Medical Care Center Coeur D Alene 566 W Prairie Ave, Coeur D Alene, Idaho 83815
North Idaho Medical Care Center Post Falls 750 N Syringa St Ste 100, Post Falls, Idaho 83854
Orchard Chiropractic Rexburg 160 E. Valley River Road, Rexburg, Idaho 83440
Personnel Plus Burley 735 Overland Ave, Burley, Idaho 83318
Premier Urgent Care Nw Hospital Post Falls 750 Syringa Ave, Post Falls, Idaho 83854
Primary Health Boise 6052 W State St, Boise, Idaho 83703
Primary Health Meridian 1130 E Fairview Ave, Meridian, Idaho 83642
Primary Health Nampa 1418 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa, Idaho 83651
Primary Health Nampa 700 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa, Idaho 83651
Quest Diagnostics-Coeur Dalene – Ironw 2207 Ironwood Place, Coeur D Alene, Idaho 83814
Quest Diagnostics-Pocatello – D Hospit 1151 D Hospital Way, Pocatello, Idaho 83201
Rapid Toxicology Services, Llc Pocatello 690 Yellowstone Ave Ste H, Pocatello, Idaho 83201
Saint Alphonsus Medical Group Occ. Md. Boise 6533 Emerald St, Boise, Idaho 83704
Shoshane Medical Center Kellogg 25 Jacobs Gulch Rd, Kellogg, Idaho 83837
St Luke’s Magic Valley Regional Medica Twin Falls 630 Addison Ave West, Suite 13, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
St. Lukes Wood River Medical Center Ketchum 100 Hospital Drive, Ketchum, Idaho 83340
St.Alphonsus Medical Group Caldwell 315 E Elm Ste 100, Caldwell, Idaho 83605
Steele Memorial Clinic Salmon 805 Main Street, Salmon, Idaho 83467
Steele Memorial Hospital Salmon 203 S Daisy St, Salmon, Idaho 83467
Twin Falls Clinic & Hospital Twin Falls 660 Shoshone St E, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
Ur-In-R-Business Idaho Falls 1230 N SKYLINE DR, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402
Valley Medical Center Pllc Lewiston 2315 8th St, Lewiston, Idaho 83501
West Valley Medical Group 1717 Arlington Ave, Caldwell, Idaho 83605
Wienhoff & Associates, Inc Fruitland 1720 NW 24th St #B, Fruitland, Idaho 83619
Wienhoff Drug Testing – Idaho Falls Idaho Falls 2235 E 25TH ST, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83404
Wienhoff Drug Testing Boise 5125 N Glenwood St, Boise, Idaho 83714
Wienhoff Drug Testing Nampa 1102 W FINCH DR, Nampa, Idaho 83651