What is a Rapid 5 Panel Drug Test

The use of rapid or point of collection drug testing (POCT) has increased over the past few years.  The rapid 5 panel drug test is the most common with testing for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, Amphetamines and often oxycodone.  Sometimes the fifth drug test tested is Methamphetamine or 6-acetylmorphine (6-AM), a specific metabolite of Heroin.  It is important to be very specific as to what drugs you want in your 5 panel rapid drug test.

This type of testing gives employers fast negative results so they can get their applicants hired and placed in the workplace. Learn more about our rapid or instant or POCT drug testing.

If the instant or rapid drug test is NOT NEGATIVE, it is inconclusive and it is required for the specimen to be shipped to a certified laboratory for confirmation testing and then results reviewed by a medical review officer (MRO).

Rapid 5 panel drug screen is also known as point of collection test (POCT) . For fast results use a 5 panel rapid urine drug test.

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