Instant Drug Testing and the Nexscreen System

Thank you for taking a minute to watch this short video. I want to talk to about a unique product that we have here at National Drug Screening.

Hi, this is Joe Reilly with National Drug Screening. We have instant drug testing that you can perform at your place of business whether you are an employer or whether you are a drug testing collection site. We have a product called the Nexscreen instant drug testing cup and it is combined with a program where you can do an electronic chain of custody. No paper involved. Process the test or are web-based computer software platform and instant results, negative results will be reported immediately through our system by email, fax or web based delivery.

The program also includes confirmation of any nonnegative test with the specimen going out to quest diagnostics for confirmation testing. And then coming through our medical review officer or a MRO for the proper review and verification. Then reporting back again via email, fax and on our web-based resulting platform. What is great about this program is that it is electronic, it is paperless and it is one price per instant drug test that includes everything. Including the confirmation testing at the laboratory. So we’re really proud of our Nexscreen product. It is very unique.

We offer it all over the United States of America. You can learn more about our Nexscreen product on our website You can also learn a lot more about anything to do with drug testing on the website, on our blog. We call it the NDS blog. Visit us often at

Why Use Our NexScreen System?

Our NexScreen Program is a system we developed in partnership with i3screen, Quest Diagnostics and our MRO team, it is unique in the industry.  This is a great valued added program including:

  • Electronic collection process, easy collection wizard, less collection errors
  • Ongoing customer service and training
  • Instant reporting of negatives
  • Instant notifications of specimens being sent to the lab
  • Creation of CCF for lab confirmation
  • Lab shipping and lab confirmation testing
  • MRO review and reporting of lab results
  • Electronic storage of all results.
  • Fixed cost per test eliminating unknown costs for multiple positive drugs
Video Blog: Instant Drug Testing and the Nexscreen System

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