Alcohol will only come up on a drug test if the drug test is specifically ordered to test for alcohol. This could be a drug test adding alcohol with a urine specimen drug test, hair specimen drug test or oral fluid drug test. A drug test can also be ordered with additional alcohol test with […]

Sometimes they watch you pee when you go for a drug test but not always. Watching you pee when you go for a urine drug test is called a direct observation drug test. For probation, court ordered and child custody drug testing then yes they usually watch you pee. For DOT regulated drug testing in […]

First off, at home drug test kits cannot be used for DOT regulated drug testing and for many State drug free workplace programs. Employers should not use at home drug testing kits without training and consultation from a professional third-party administrator (TPA). Regarding accuracy, at home drug test kits would be accurate for negative results […]

To determine if you have marijuana in your system, you can consider various factors such as the frequency of use, the method of consumption, and your metabolism. Marijuana can typically be detected in urine for up to 30 days after use, but this can vary depending on many individual factors. Additionally, there are drug testing […]

A DOT drug test is a drug test required by the Department of Transportation for safety-sensitive employees. This test screens for a variety of substances, including marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamine, opioids, and phencyclidine (PCP). Employees who fail a DOT drug test may face consequences such as suspension or termination from their job and particularly removal […]

Fentanyl drug testing is a crucial aspect of ensuring safety in various industries, especially those that involve handling sensitive materials or operating heavy machinery. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid that is often used for pain management but can also be abused recreationally. Drug testing for fentanyl typically involves urine or hair samples to detect […]

Psychoactive marijuana, THC or cannabinoids is what produces or causes the person to get “High.” Urine and hair drug testing are not detecting psychoactive marijuana, THC or cannabinoids. These drug testing methods are detecting the metabolites the substance that breaks down which are eliminated from the body over time. With oral fluid drug testing the […]

Usually no, the correct drug test panel must be ordered to include Fentanyl. Employers should consider adding Fentanyl to their drug testing panel. Fentanyl drug tests can be ordered by individuals or by employers. Order a Fentanyl Drug Test.

These are drug tests where you can get same day negative results. Our instant or rapid drug testing centers include Quest Diagnostics facilities, LabCorp facilities, e-Screen facilities and other drug testing centers and clinics through the United States. Orders must be place in advance, please Order Now or call 866-843-4545. Employers can also administer instant […]

In this situation you would contract with a TPA like National Drug Screening to enroll the driver into a random consortium for drug testing compliance. Here is a link to the program that would be most appropriate for you:

The #1 question we get from folks looking to start a drug testing business is how much is DOT Specimen Collector Training? There are two DOT Specimen Collection trainings we offer, please click the links below for the details of the course options and the fees.On Demand Computer Based Training (all inclusive): Live Webinar […]

State laws do not address negative dilute, so it is up to your company policy. DOT regulated companies are advised only one recollection is allowed, and the second collection becomes the recorded result – even if it is another negative dilute. In other words, you are not permitted to require the employee to take an […]