Currently as  July 2014,  20 states have laws that allow for the use of medical marijuana: Alaska Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Hawaii Illinois Maine Massachusetts Michigan Montana Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico Oregon Rhode Island Vermont Washington
Employers need to make decisions on marijuana in the workplace.  How will your company handle medical marijuana?  Will you stop testing for marijuana or make accommodations for medical marijuana cardholders. It is advisable to have a company substance abuse (testing) policy that is clear and completely informs employees what
– Medical Marijuana and Drug Free Workplace – Of course federal law still lists marijuana as a Schedule I drug, with no legal use; and courts around the country have upheld employer’s rights to have policies against hiring employees who smoke marijuana.   The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
No state, that has authorized either the personal use or medical use of marijuana, prohibits an employer from including marijuana in a work-related drug testing program. Moreover, in every court decision so far, where an employee who is also a marijuana user challenges an employer’s discipline following a positive
Yes, perhaps your employer can fire you for smoking medical marijuana or recreational marijuana.  If it is a DOT regulated test for your job as a transportation covered employee, you can be terminated for smoking medical marijuana or recreational marijuana.  In addition, several of the State laws specifically have