How do I submit a downgrade request on a non-negative DOT drug test which should have been Non-DOT?

E-mail to

Downgrade Requests: If you are emailing FMCSA with a request to downgrade a DOT non-negative drug test, please CAREFULLY review the information below and resubmit your request per the instructions.     

    1. When submitting your downgrade request make the subject of your email the following: DOT Downgrade Request for Driver Name. For example, if the request being submitted is for a driver named Patricia Smith, the email title should be: DOT Downgrade Request for Patricia Smith.
    2. DO NOT include any social security numbers on any submitted documents. If a document contains a social security number– remove it prior to submitting.
    3. Review the checklist below. Ensure ALL parts of the below checklist are included in your request (NOTE: Requests from MROs only require the first two items). Include a copy of the complete checklist with your submission. A complete requestMUSTinclude the following:
      1. A copy of the custody and control form (CCF)
      2. A copy of the positive test result
      3. A copy of the driver’s CDL or CLP driver’s or non-commercial license
      4. A statement from the Designated Employer’s Representative (DER) including:
        1. The DER’s title and contact information (including e-mail address)
        2. The name of the driver and whether the driver possesses a CDL or CLP and operates CDL vehicles on public roads
        3. The job function the driver was hired to perform, and whether the driver may be called upon at any time, on an occasional or emergency basis, to operate a CDL vehicle, even if not a part of his regular duties
        4. The reasons the DOT non-negative drug test should be downgraded to a non-DOT test result
        5. A corrective action plan (a detailed plan on how the employer will prevent the incorrect test from being administered in the future)
        6. The name and address of the employer.
    4. A complete copy of this checklist.

    *Please note – Incomplete requests will not be processed.