This is a complex question as you need to learn a lot.  You also have to be dedicated to work hard as the business owner. Check out our previous blog post with great information and a video on starting a drug testing business or starting a mobile drug testing
What drugs are tested in a five (5) panel drug test? Marijuana (THC), Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Cocaine, Opiates (heroin, codeine, morphine) and Phencyclidine (PCP)  What drugs are tested in a ten (10) panel drug test? Marijuana (THC), Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Cocaine, Opiates (heroin, codeine, morphine) Phencyclidine (PCP), Propoxyphene, Methadone, Barbiturates and
National Drug Screening, Inc. (NDS) will fulfill an industry need for a state of the art technology software platform combined with Medical Review Officer (MRO) services, drug testing, training and consultation. Services will be offered to small and medium size Third Party Administrator (TPA) operations. NDS will offer one
Invalid result: A urine specimen that contains an unidentified adulterant, contains an unidentified interfering substance, has an abnormal physical characteristic, or has an endogenous substance at an abnormal concentration that prevents the laboratory from completing testing or obtaining a valid drug test result. MRO might require a retest sometimes
When the laboratory releases a positive result to the MRO or medical review officer, the physician then contacts the donor to give the donor an opportunity to disclose a possible medication or dietary supplement that could have resulted in the current positive finding on the laboratory report. If the
Not surprisingly, marijuana intoxication can cause distorted perceptions, impaired coordination, difficulty with thinking and problem solving, and problems with learning and memory. Research has shown that, in chronic users, marijuana’s adverse impact on learning and memory can last for days or weeks after the acute effects of the drug
There are varying detection times involved in drug testing depending on many factors plus also the specimen type used for testing.  As show on the image above hair specimens have the longest detection time followed by urine, oral fluid and finally blood.  Other factors that determine drug use detection
When making a purchase with National Drug Screening, payment can be made with credit or debit card or by certified check or money order. Once an order is processed, you will be emailed a receipt of the transaction within minutes of purchase. Always check you spam folder just in
Laboratory testing procedures require the specimen to undergo an initial screening that uses a standard cut off level. If a specimen is found to have a higher concentration of the drug than the initial cut off level, it undergoes further testing to detect exact levels of the substance.