We need a Medical Review Officer (MRO) for our drug testing program, can you help us?

Yes, we can help we offer Medical Review Officer (MRO) services for drug testing programs.  Licensed physicians performing medical review officer (MRO) services for National Drug Screening are trained and certified by the American Association of Medical Review Officers (AAMRO) and The Medical Review Officer Certification Council (MROCC).  Call today 866-843-4545 to speak to a professional […]

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Is a Medical Review Officer (MRO) required for non-DOT drug testing?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, for one important reason – reduce exposure to liability. Yes because many states require a medical review officer (MRO) in the state drug testing programs. These states include: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Vermont and Wyoming. In many […]

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For DOT, what requirements must the Medical Review Officer (MRO) meet?

1.Be a licensed physician (Doctor of Medicine or Osteopathy) in the U.S., Canadian, or Mexican jurisdiction 2.Possess basic knowledge 3.Complete qualification training 4.Satisfactorily complete examination administered by a nationally-recognized MRO certification board or subspecialty board for medical practitioners in the field of medical review of DOT-mandated drug tests 5.Complete requalification training during five-year period from […]

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