We get the question very often – what is a Medical Review Officer or MRO for drug testing. This article will answer the question and talk more about the medical review officer in drug testing. We call the MRO the gatekeeper in the employment drug testing process. What Is
MRO/TPA Drug Test Results Report Checklist The MRO may use a signed or stamped and dated legible photocopy of Copy 2 of the CCF to report test results.  If the MRO does not report test results using Copy 2 of the CCF, he or she must provide a written
Yes, we can help we offer Medical Review Officer (MRO) services for drug testing programs.  Licensed physicians performing medical review officer (MRO) services for National Drug Screening are trained and certified by the American Association of Medical Review Officers (AAMRO) and The Medical Review Officer Certification Council (MROCC).  Call today
…No MRO Leads to EEOC Lawsuit……. Why Do You Need a Medical Review Officer (MRO) for Drug Testing? You need a medical review officer so you will not get sued and lose the lawsuit.  You need a Medical Review Officer (MRO) so you will not have ADA or EEOC
1.Be a licensed physician (Doctor of Medicine or Osteopathy) in the U.S., Canadian, or Mexican jurisdiction 2.Possess basic knowledge 3.Complete qualification training 4.Satisfactorily complete examination administered by a nationally-recognized MRO certification board or subspecialty board for medical practitioners in the field of medical review of DOT-mandated drug tests 5.Complete