Does alcohol come up on a drug test?

Alcohol will only come up on a drug test if the drug test is specifically ordered to test for alcohol. This could be a drug test adding alcohol with a urine specimen drug test, hair specimen drug test or oral fluid drug test. A drug test can also be ordered with additional alcohol test with Breathalyzer.
For urine drug testing, adding alcohol testing is testing for ethanol urine tests which can detect alcohol consumption within the last 12 hours. This testing does not show alcohol impairment.

EtG and or EtS testing is also available if specifically ordered with urine or hair specimen. The ethyl glucuronide (EtG) tests and ethyl sulfate (EtS) tests can typically help detect alcohol consumption within the last 80 hours for a urine test and up to 90 days for a hair test. Neither of these will show current impairment.

To detect current impairment a blood test or breathalyzer test is necessary. Employers can learn much more on alcohol testing –