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Medical marijuana is legal in Florida for for qualified patients. Recreational marijuana remains illegal as of May 2023. Qualified patients might have but not limited to HIV/AIDS, cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, chronic pain and PTSD. Close to a million residents in Florida re qualified patients.

Florida was an early adapter of drug-free workplace programs and drug testing programs. Drug and alcohol testing occurs from Pensacola to Miami to Key West. In Florida, a company maintaining a comprehensive drug-free workplace is eligible for a 5% discount on worker compensation insurance.

In 1990, legislation was enacted that created the Florida drug-free workplace program. The intent was to “promote drug-free workplaces in Florida so that employers would be afforded the opportunity to maximize their levels of productivity, enhance their competitive positions in the marketplace, and reach their desired levels of success without experiencing the costs, delays, and tragedies associated with work-related accidents resulting from drug abuse by employees.”

This legislation provides standardized criteria for employers’ and workers’ rights by ensuring consistent, accurate, and reliable test results. The success of a drug-free workplace program in Florida largely depends upon the commitment of the management and the labor to actively contribute to and support the implementation of the program. By using the guidelines outlined in Florida’s workers’ compensation law, the workplace will be a safer place. A safer workplace may mean fewer accidents and fewer accidents mean lower workers’ compensation costs for the employer. Ultimately, implementing drug testing programs in Florida saves money.

Employees in Florida with a verified positive drug test may face denial of unemployment compensation, and after an accident, with a verified positive drug test, an employee may face denial of worker’s compensation medical and indemnity benefits. In Florida, compensation is not payable if the injury was caused primarily by the intoxication of the employee; by the influence of any drugs, barbiturates, or other stimulants not prescribed by a physician; or by the willful intention of the employee to injure or kill himself, herself, or another.

Florida employers can take advantage of the Florida drug-free workplace. Of course, DOT drug and alcohol testing that occurs in Florida is monitored by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT); compliance is important.

Point of collection, instant, or on-site drug testing is allowed in Florida, along with laboratory-based oral fluid testing and hair testing. Rapid drug testing in Florida allows for negative results to be reported instantly.

Preference shall be given to Florida businesses with drug-free workplace programs. Under section 287.087 of the Florida statutes, whenever two or more competitive solicitations that are equal, with respect to price, quality, and service are received by the state or by any political subdivision for the procurement of commodities or contractual services. A response received from a business that certifies that it has implemented a drug-free workplace program shall be given preference in the award process.

Florida has a voluntary drug testing law. Companies that wish to qualify for a 5% discount on their workers’ compensation premiums, must comply with this law. Other companies are not mandated to comply with the statute. Florida school bus drivers are required to be drug tested. Certain construction contractors must comply with this law. 

Each Florida construction contractor regulated under Part I of Chapter 489, and each electrical contractor and alarm system contractor regulated under Part II of Chapter 489, who contracts to perform construction work under a state contract for educational facilities governed by Chapter 1013, for public property or publicly owned buildings governed by Chapter 255, or for state correctional facilities governed by Chapter 944, shall implement a drug-free workplace program under this section.

Benefits of a Drug-Free Workplace Program in Florida

The Florida drug-free workplace program has many benefits and features listed below:


  • Employees will become more aware of safety in the workplace and will benefit from a safer work environment – fewer accidents on the job
  • After a positive drug test, an employee who loses a job may not qualify for unemployment compensation benefits
  • When refusing a drug test an injured employee may forfeit eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits
  • When an employee tests positive on a post-accident drug test, the employee may not be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits
  • A decrease in absenteeism, mistakes at work, theft in the workplace, and problems with supervisors
  • Increase in productivity, competitiveness, and employee morale
  • 5% credit to workers’ compensation insurance premium


  • Comprehensive written drug-free workplace policy (must have all provisions of Florida statute 440.102)
  •  60-day notice provided for initial testing of existing employees
  •  Maintain confidentiality
  •  Provide a list of over-the-counter medications that can alter or affect drug test results
  •  List of resources for employee assistance program (EAP)
  •  Include notice of the drug-free workplace (DFW) on vacancy announcements for open positions
  •  Educate employees about the program
  •  Use of a SAMSHA or a Florida AHCA certified laboratory
  •  Use of a certified medical review officer (MRO)
  •  Implement testing: pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, follow-up, routine fitness for duty, optional random testing
  •  File for 09-1 with the insurance carrier annually to get the 5% credit

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