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Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Are you hiring new employees and need to send them in for drug testing? A pre-employment drug test is critical to make sure you are

Unknown drug testing
Drug Testing

Testing For Unknown Substances

Testing For Unknown Substances, also called an unknown drug scan, is used to identify drugs in a hair or urine specimen. This test is often

Quantisal oral test
Drug Testing

Why Use Oral Fluid Drug Testing?

Traditionally, employers use urine specimens for applicant and employee drug testing. In this post, we will talk about continuing to use urine for applicant drug

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Drug Testing

Drug Testing for my Employees

Employers are often looking for a vender for drug testing and sometimes hard to find.  Many venders today do not answer their phone or respond

workplace drug testing
Drug Testing

Workplace Drug Testing: What You Need To Know

Thanks to Sophia Young for contributing this article. The proliferation of illegal drug use is a long-standing problem in all societies. While governments and law

Drug Abuse Skyrocketing
Drug Testing

Do You Employ Illicit Drug Users?

The question is do you employ illicit drug users.  Most employers and Human Resource (HR) professionals would say “NO.” Some would say maybe. Very few