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Instant Drug Testing or POCT

POCT Drug Test

For non-regulated or non-DOT drug testing, rapid drug screenings or quick screens have become very popular. These are often called rapid testing, instant testing, quick


Court Ordered Drug Test

What is a Court Ordered Drug Test? Many court systems in the United States will require or mandate a court-ordered drug test for criminal or

pre-employment drug testing

Pre-Employment Drug Test

Workplace drug testing is fairly common in the United States, particularly pre-employment drug testing.  Most employers will require a pre-employment drug test after an offer

FAA Airline pilot random drug test

FAA Drug Test

An FAA drug test is required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for pre-employment for FAA covered employees.  The FAA

Urine Drug Test

10 Panel Drug Test

The 10-panel drug test (ten panel drug test) is one of the most popular drug test panels ordered. It is not authorized for United States

joe interview blue collar

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Are you hiring new employees and need to send them in for drug testing? A pre-employment drug test is critical to make sure you are

Quantisal oral test

Why Use Oral Fluid Drug Testing?

Traditionally, employers use urine specimens for applicant and employee drug testing. In this post, we will talk about continuing to use urine for applicant drug