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workplace drug testing
Drug Testing

Workplace Drug Testing: What You Need To Know

Thanks to Sophia Young for contributing this article. The proliferation of illegal drug use is a long-standing problem in all societies. While governments and law

Drug Abuse Skyrocketing
Drug Testing

Do You Employ Illicit Drug Users?

The question is do you employ illicit drug users.  Most employers and Human Resource (HR) professionals would say “NO.” Some would say maybe. Very few

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Drug Testing

Drug Testing Frequency Tied to Misuse Rates

Study: More frequent drug testing associated with less drug misuse Drug testing in shorter intervals than federal guidelines recommend could drive down drug misuse among

Turnaround time drug test
Drug Testing

Laboratory Delays with Workplace Drug Testing

Employers have experienced over the past six months longer than average turnaround times to receive drug test results. This can be especially frustrating when a