NDS Reseller Benefits Program – Lab Accounts and MRO Service

Author: Toni Thompson and Char Clark

Are Your Selling Drug & Alcohol Testing Services?

If you are interested in selling and servicing drug and alcohol testing, there are many programs to choose from and the choices can be overwhelming. At National Drug Screening, we offer a comprehensive program set up that streamlines the entire process including setting up national lab accounts, full service, on-going customer support and training. National Drug Screening’s reseller program pricing allows our reseller clients to offer competitively priced services in their area. Our specialized reseller support team and resources make choosing National Drug Screening a logical step in growing your business.

What is the NDS Reseller Program?

National Drug Screening offers a software solution that provides a platform that manages drug test scheduling and results, document storage and randoms management – all in one portal. The platform allows our reseller customers to grow their business as well as helping their customers comply with state and federal regulations for drug and alcohol programs. Our software platform makes ordering, tracking, and maintaining drug test records a seamless process. Clients can schedule tests nationwide, track the drug test from collection site until released by the MRO, can receive email notification when a result is available, the software stores the results and chains of custody for each order. In addition, managing a random testing program with our software is efficient, easy to use and customizable. Random tests are matched to the selections made by the program automatically, the program manager has access to random selection reports, selection reminders, and MIS reporting.

More Reseller Services for your C/TPA Business

Our reseller clients value National Drug Screening’s specialized training for our resellers including but not limited to webinars either live or recorded. Our live webinars provide opportunities for resellers to get answers to their questions from our experts. We offer training videos, customizable templates, marketing ideas and a dedicated reseller resources portal with dozens of articles, tips, and advice on managing a TPA business. National Drug Screening reseller clients have access to a full time, U.S. based customer support team providing back-office support, assistance with lab and MRO testing issues and consultation. Reseller clients also receive initial and ongoing training for their random program management.

How does the National Drug Screening Reseller Program Work?

Whether you’re an established C/TPA looking to expand your business or a new C/TPA looking for the best start to your new business, one call to our reseller program specialists is the first step. We create your web-based drug testing portal, set up the national lab accounts, import customer data as needed, create the accounts for your customers and train your staff to use the new software. NDS partners with our reseller client so that they can offer drug testing across the country, offer C/TPA services such as random program management, policy development, DOT and NDOT recorded training webinars – all in conjunction with the software program. Bringing on new clients is easy – we take care of the new customer set up for you while you focus on management.

Why National Drug Screening as your Back Office TPA

When reviewing reseller programs, it is important to consider not only the initial costs but the long-term benefits of an inclusive program. Having a program that offers SAMHSA certified labs, MRO services, drug and alcohol testing program management and a dedicated staff of industry experts on hand for your business development makes National Drug Screening the best choice in reseller programs. Our award-winning team, our business training and development, our dedication to maintaining the highest industry standards and expertise are available to our reseller clients. National Drug Screening provides a unique opportunity for our reseller clients and their customers to get everything that they need in one location.

NDS Reseller Program Benefits Overview

National Drug Screening benefits include but are not limited to:–

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