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Florida Drug Free Workplace – Save 5% On Workers Comp

Florida employers can save 5% on workers compensation insurance premiums. This is accomplished by implementing the Florida Drug Free Workplace Program. Legislation enacted in 1990 created a provision requiring insurance carriers to provide a 5% discount on workers compensation insurance premiums for employers implementing a comprehensive drug-free workplace program.

Additional benefits when implementing the Florida Drug Free Workplace Program

  • Employees become more aware of safety in the workplace and will benefit from a safer work environment, less accidents and less workers comp claims
  • When there is a positive drug or alcohol test or a refusal to test after an accident with injury, the injured employee may forfeit eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits
  • When there is a positive drug or alcohol test or a refusal to test for which the employer terminates the employee, the employee may not qualify for unemployment compensation benefits. In that case, the employer could be relieved of charges in connection with the unemployment claim.
  • The employer will experience higher productivity in the workplace, less turnover, less tardiness and less theft

What are the Requirements of the Florida Drug Free Workplace

The Florida Drug Free Workplace is a voluntary program but once an employer decides to participate there are requirements:

  • A written drug free workplace policy
  • Provide in the policy the consequences and sanctions for an employee who tests positive or refuses to submit to testing
  • Use of a SAMHSA certified laboratory
  • Results reviewed by a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  • Provide procedure for challenge of a positive drug test
  • Provide in the policy a list of the most common medications, which may alter or affect a drug test
  • Provide a listing of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Provide a listing of the types of drugs the employer could test for
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Required reasons for testing
    1. Pre-employment
    2. Reasonable Suspicion
    3. Post Accident
    4. Follow-up to treatment or rehabilitation program
    5. Routine Fitness-For-Duty Testing
    6. Optional random testing


As previously stated this is a voluntary program, employers electing not to participate in this program can also conduct employee drug testing and are not subject to the above requirements. These employers will not be eligible for the 5% workers comp premium discount.   

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