What can I do as an employer to handle medical marijuana?

Employers need to make decisions on marijuana in the workplace.  How will your company handle medical marijuana?  Will you stop testing for marijuana or make accommodations for medical marijuana cardholders.

It is advisable to have a company substance abuse (testing) policy that is clear and completely informs employees what the rules are of your workplace.  It is suggested that your policy clearly indicate that you will abide by territorial law, including your ability to prohibit marijuana use or forbid employees from being under the influence of marijuana at work.

Employers are also strongly encouraged to train your managers and supervisors on the details of your companies Drug-Free Workplace policy.

Employers are strongly encouraged to educate your employees on the dangers and impacts of drug and alcohol use. Encourage employees to seek help with any drug or alcohol dependency or addiction through your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits.

Train them on how to recognize the signs of impairment from drug or alcohol use and clearly define the action steps they should take in these instances.

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