What type of company can help me with my company drug free workplace program and drug testing of my employees?

Great question, the best option is to deal with a professional third party administrator (TPA) specializing in management of drug and alcohol testing programs.  

Services typically provided by TPA’s include:

  • Review existing or create new drug free workplace policies
  • Sell drug and alcohol testing
  • Set up collectors, collection facilities, lab and MRO accounts
  • Provide custody and control forms (CCF) and other drug/alcohol testing supplies
  • Set up electronic ordering of drug testing using electronic CCF
  • Coordinate transfer of test results from MRO to the employer client
  • Set up and manage random testing programs as a consortium or stand-alone program
  • Assistance with blind specimens as needed
  • Assistance with MIS reports as needed
  • Various recordkeeping functions
  • Troubleshoot missing or abnormal results (fatal flaw, canceled test, etc.)
  • Combined billing of multiple services at multiple locations 
  • Employee education and supervisor training
  • Provide access to Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)
  • Updating customer on regulations and State laws
  • Ongoing customer service including consultation, guidance and answering questions
  • Other occupational health testing services