How do employees benefit from a Drug Free Workplace?

Working for a company that is alcohol and drug free has a lot of advantages. Employers who maintain alcohol- and drug-free workplaces do more than just protect their business assets – they contribute to the improved safety, health and well-being of their workforce. Employees benefit from knowing that a drug-free workplace program applies not only to them, but to all the coworkers and managers on whom their safety and security depends. Take a moment to consider the positive impact a drug-free environment has on:


Employees in drug-free environments have greater confidence that their workplaces are safe. Think about the construction contractor whose personal safety depends on his fellow workers being alert and focused at all times.


Employees in drug-free environments take comfort in knowing that their workplace is healthy. Consider the restaurant server who knows his own health won’t be compromised because he has to work a double shift to cover for a colleague who regularly calls in sick due to a hangover. 


Employees in drug-free environments are reassured that their workplaces are productive. Think about the high-tech worker who knows he won’t miss an important deadline because he’s covering for a colleague whose output lags due to drug abuse. 


Employees in drug-free workplaces are pleased to be part of a team that gets the job done and enjoy the benefits of higher morale.  Picture the nurse who arrives for work each day with the knowledge that the level of patient care won’t suffer due to a coworker’s abuse of alcohol or other drugs. 


Employees in drug-free workplaces appreciate that their employer’s policies make them more Secure. Consider the electronics store sales associate who doesn’t worry that the cash register she shares will be short at the end of the day because a coworker steals to support a drug habit. 


Employees in drug-free workplaces feel an enhanced sense of well-being.  Think about the accountant who worked hard to achieve recovery and finds that his supportive work environment plays an important role in his continued sobriety and success.