I am confused about bringing a DOT driver back to work after a positive drug test.

A driver must first complete the process with the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).   Only companies can set up and manage DOT testing.

If you are an owner-operator (1 person, 1 truck); you need the services of a C/TPA.

If you don’t have a current job once you finish the SAP program you will need to wait until you are getting a driving job.

You will need to apply with companies and then the company can set up the return to duty and follow-up testing program. The driver can return to work after the return to duty test.

  • Individuals cannot order their own DOT tests unless owner operator
  • Individuals cannot return to duty if they do not have a job as there would be no duty to return to.
  • As to a return to duty negative test to report to the clearinghouse, this is ordered by an employer and the negative result is reported by the employer (TPA for Owner Operator) to the Clearinghouse. The employer will report the completion of follow-up testing to the Clearinghouse.

The employer can arrange the follow-up tests on any unannounced schedule they choose to accomplish the intent of the program.