Are there any exceptions to the FMCSA DOT drug and alcohol testing program applicable to CDL Drivers?

Yes! Use the bullet points below on web site

  • Motor carriers that do not operate vehicles requiring a CDL
  • Motor carriers subject to the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) alcohol and controlled substance testing program
  • Employers and drivers that include: active duty military personnel; members of the reserves; members of the national guard on active duty (including personnel on full-time national guard duty, part-time national guard training, and national guard military technicians), and active duty U.S. Coast Guard personnel
  • Farm vehicle drivers when the vehicle is:
  • Controlled and operated by a farmer as a private motor carrier of property
  • Being used to transport agricultural products or farm machinery and/or supplies to or from a farm
  • Not being used in the operation of a for-hire carrier
  • Not carrying placardable HM
  • Being used within 150 air miles of the farm
  • Firefighters or other persons who operate commercial motor vehicles that are necessary for the preservation of life or property or the execution of emergency governmental functions, are equipped with audible and visual signals, and are not subject to normal traffic regulations