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Random Drug Testing Guidelines

Random Drug Testing Guidelines

>VIDEO BLOG >> Is random drug testing legal?  Yes, it is but, in some States, it is limited to safety sensitive positions. Random drug testing

Covid 19 and Drug Testing

Drug Testing & COVID 19

Amidst Covid 19, what are the effects of drug testing and substance abuse in the United States? At National Drug Screening we do drug testing

State Laws Drug Testing

Understanding Drug Testing State Laws

How do States regulate drug free workplace and drug testing programs? Understanding the variety of laws that could impact a workplace drug testing program and

policy drug free workplace

The Importance of a Drug-Free Workplace Policy

A drug free workplace policy saves money for employers. This information is provided for educational purposes only. Reader retains full responsibility for the use of

Marijuana Federal and State Laws

The Pros and Cons of Marijuana Testing

There is much confusion about marijuana drug testing in the workplace, employers need to make decisions.  What are the pros and cons? Guest Author: Katherine

Who determines refusal to test
Alcohol Testing

Who Determines Drug Test Refusals?

While a positive or negative drug test is straight forward, there are situations, such as refusals to test, that require further investigation and documentation. This

FAA Required Drug Testing - Video Blog

FAA Required Drug Testing – Video Blog

FAA Drug Testing Are you required to have an FAA drug & alcohol testing program?  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is serious about drug and