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FAA Drug Testing

Are you required to have an FAA drug & alcohol testing program?  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is serious about drug and alcohol use in the workplace.  

The purpose of the FAA regulations for drug and alcohol testing is to establish a program designed to help prevent accidents and injuries resulting from the use of prohibited drugs or the misuse of alcohol by employees who perform safety-sensitive functions in aviation.

You can order today a FAA Drug Test often called also a DOT Drug Test. You can also start the process of setting up an account for an FAA drug and alcohol testing program using our online form

Who is Covered for FAA Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs?

The positions listed below are required to have the drug and alcohol drug testing including random testing:


      • Flight crewmember (pilot or flight engineer)

      • Flight Attendant

      • Flight Instruction

      • Aircraft Dispatcher

      • Aircraft Maintenance or Preventive Maintenance

      • Ground Security Coordinator

      • Aviation Screening

      • Air Traffic Control

      • Operations Control Specialist

    These FAA requirements are not only for airlines but also for companies who:


        • Conduct air operations under 14 CFR part 121 – Air Carrier Certification

        • Conduct air operations under 14 CFR part 135 – Air Carrier Certification and Operator Certification

        • Conduct repairs and maintenance under 14 CFR Part 145, FAA repair stations

        • Conduct sightseeing operations as defined in 14 CFR section 91.147

        • Operate an air traffic control facility not run by the FAA or under contract to the United States Military

      What happens if I test positive on an FAA Drug or Alcohol Test? Or if I refuse a test?


          • If you hold a certificate issued by the FAA, it may be revoked.

          • You will be immediately removed from safety-sensitive duties by your employer.

          • Your company policy and/or collective bargaining agreement will determine whether you will be permitted an opportunity for rehabilitation or may be terminated from employment.

          • You are not permitted to perform safety-sensitive duties for any DOT regulated employer until you have been evaluated by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) and successfully completed the return-to-duty process, which includes a DOT return-to-duty drug and/or alcohol test.

          •  Working in a safety-sensitive position before successfully completing the return-to-duty process is a violation of the regulations.

          • If you return to performing safety-sensitive functions – after successfully completing the SAP return-to-duty process – you will be subject to unannounced follow up testing, which will be in addition to any other required DOT testing.

        FAA Drug Testing Assistance

        Assistance for compliance is available from National Drug Screening.  We work with small airlines, sightseeing operations, and aircraft repair stations. Our FAA compliance program for drug and alcohol testing includes the following:

        FAA DOT Compliance Program – Turnkey Manual for Compliance



            • Everything you need for an audit all in one place

            • Easy to use, complete step by step instructions

            • Keeps you in compliance

          Program Includes:


              • Step by step instructions and all required documents – all in one great compliance manual.

              • As required – A policy statement on controlled substances use and alcohol misuse in the workplace – your customized DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy

              • As required – educational materials to be distributed to all covered employees

              • As required – supervisor training materials and access to live or online additional supervisor training

              • As required – employee assistance programs, rehabilitation, and treatment programs information.

              • As required – access to Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) for DOT violations

              • As required – copies of DOT regulation 49 CFR Part 40 and FAA regulations – the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) (14 CFR part 120).

              • As required – A controlled substances and alcohol testing program/policy for persons pperforming FAA safety-sensitive functions,

              • Random testing instructions required random testing.

              • All required forms for compliance.

              • Instructions for required record keeping.


            Penalties are assessed administratively by the FAA for violations of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) -14 CFR part 120.  An employer may be responsible for non-compliance on the part of your drug testing provider.  Ask about expertise with FAA drug testing programs.

            For each violation of FAA drug & alcohol abatement rules an employer can face a civil penalty not to exceed $13,066 per violation.  Total civil penalties of over $100,000 levied against an FAA regulated employer are not uncommon.

            FAA Required Drug Testing - Video Blog
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