Hair Follicle Drug Test: Fact Vs. Fiction

Almost everybody knows about 5-panel drug testing today. In most cases, it is the urine analysis that employers, doctors, governments, and more utilize to determine if someone is abusing illicit or prescription drugs. These urine exams are an excellent choice when a place is searching for recent drug use, as they can tell if the action occurred within the previous two or three days. However, if an individual or organization wants more out of their drug testing program, perhaps, they should think about going with a hair follicle test.

Only a small, unnoticeable amount of hair is needed to conduct the exam. What makes the test stand out is that it can indicate past drug usage for 90-days prior. The testing will uncover the same items as a urine analysis. They are opiates, amphetamines, PCP, THC, and cocaine. Hence, when people are trying to create a drug-free environment, they can’t go wrong with the hair follicle test.

FYI: Facts And False Assumptions

Hair testing results that conclude there was no drug use are accurate. Negative outcomes simply imply that the individual has not engaged in the activity for a period of up to 90 days.  The negative results are available in about 2 – 3 business days. A positive outcome is usually reported to individuals, employers, and other appropriate parties within 4-5 business days. These positive hair test results must be reviewed and verified by the Medical Review Officer (MRO).

Some folks believe that a hair follicle test is inaccurate. However, it is not often that the testing offers inconclusive results. When the outcome is indefinite, the culprit is sometimes the mishandling of the sample or not enough hair is collected for testing. In such situations, the testing will need to be repeated. For the most part, hair follicle tests are deemed to be extremely accurate. Hair dye, shampoo, conditioner, and styling products don’t affect the results, either. Before being tested, the sample is washed to remove environmental elements.

Where medications are concerned, a hair follicle test outcome can be a false positive. Usually, that happens most often when the person being tested is taking an opiate medication. There shouldn’t be an issue once the result has gone to the Medical Review Officer (MRO); as an individual only needs to provide a valid prescription to the MRO when contacted.

There are many hair test panels and testing available throughout the United States. All testing is confidential and ordering is easy online or at 866-843-4545.

Hair Follicle Drug Test: Fact Vs. Fiction
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