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Split Specimen Requests

What is a Split Specimen Request?

Over the years there has been misinterpretations by Medical Review Officers (MRO) and Designated Employer Representatives (DERs) combined with court challenges. This article will focus

FMCSA Addresses CDL Staffing Companies

FMCSA Addresses CDL Staffing Companies

>>>  In the Federal Register on December 23, 12016, the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) published a Notice of Enforcement Guidance.  This guidance is

Final Rule Change to Service Agent

Final Rule Change to Service Agent

08/08/2016 – Today the Department of Transportation published in the Federal Register a change in the definition of the term “Service Agent”.  This was published

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The War On Drugs

Many people have concerns and often times questions about the efficacy of the “war” on drugs.  Some of the questions and issues revolve around is

Transgender Drug Screen Collections

Transgender Drug Screen Collections

This is a current topic and many collectors around the nation have concerns.  We asked Bob Schoening to discuss this issue of transgender drug screen

Employer Concern Expense of Pre-employment Drug Testing

Non-DOT Random Drug Testing

Can Non-Regulated or Non-DOT employers conduct Non-DOT random testing of employees? The answer is Yes but check your State Laws. Typically for safety sensitive employees,

Up and Manage a Drug Testing Program

HR Manager Needs Drug Testing

How do you conduct substance abuse testing for a non-regulated company? …  A company representative from the Human Resource approaches you as a drug testing

Certified Lab for Drug Testing

Labs Certified for Drug Testing

… Who will approve laboratories for electronic custody and control forms (eCCF) –  NLCP:  Identified and Defined NLCP is an acronym that stands for National Laboratory

Hair Drug Testing DOT

Hair Drug Testing DOT

… Will Federal programs and DOT allow hair drug testing? … In today’s (May 29) Federal Register the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Expanded Opiates for DOT Testing?

Expanded Opiates for DOT Testing?

… SAMHSA Mandatory Guidelines Proposed Revision for Urine Testing… Are You Ready for Expanded Opiates for DOT Testing? … After what seems a long wait, Substance

FMCSA New Entrant Examinations

FMCSA: Random Testing History

… FMCSA DOT Required Drug Testing … FMCSA:  Random Testing History and Development in the Regulated Trucking Industry. Random testing for both controlled substances and