DOT Specimen Collector Training

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DOT Specimen Collectors are required to meet the following training requirements:

Qualification Training

You must receive qualification training meeting the requirements of this paragraph. Qualification training must provide instruction on the following subjects:

  1. All steps necessary to complete a collection correctly and the proper completion and transmission of the CCF;
  2. “Problem” collections (e.g., situations like “shy bladder” and attempts to tamper with a specimen);
  3. Fatal flaws, correctable flaws, and how to correct problems in collections; and
  4. The collector’s responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the collection process, ensuring the privacy of employees being tested, ensuring the security of the specimen, and avoiding conduct or statements that could be viewed as offensive or inappropriate;

 Initial Proficiency Demonstration

  1. Following your completion of qualification training you must demonstrate proficiency in collections under this part by completing five consecutive error-free mock collections.
  2. The five mock collections must include two uneventful collection scenarios, one insufficient quantity of urine scenario, one temperature out of range scenario, and one scenario in which the employee refuses to sign the CCF and initial the specimen bottle tamper-evident seal.
  3. Another person must monitor and evaluate your performance, in person or by a means that provides real-time observation and interaction between the instructor and trainee, and attest in writing that the mock collections are “error-free.” This person must be a qualified collector who has demonstrated necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities by:

a)     Regularly conducting DOT drug test collections for a period of at least a year;

b)     Conducting collector training under this part for a year; or

c)      Successfully completing a “train the trainer” course.

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DOT Drug Specimen Collection Training

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