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Covid 19 and Drug Testing

Drug Testing & COVID 19

Amidst Covid 19, what are the effects of drug testing and substance abuse in the United States? At National Drug Screening we do drug testing

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The Importance of a Drug-Free Workplace Policy

A drug free workplace policy saves money for employers. This information is provided for educational purposes only. Reader retains full responsibility for the use of

[Video Blog] Same Day Drug Testing Made Easy
Drug Testing

[Video Blog] Same Day Drug Testing Made Easy

https://www.nationaldrugscreening.com/employer-programs/There’s something that many people will agree upon; it’s that we live in a world where things happen quickly. Because of technology, we live in

2017: Drugs in the Millennial World

Drugs in the Millennial World

Drugs in the Millennial World The latest Federal government survey show that in the United States among people aged 12 or older, 59.3 million people

Drug Free Workplace – The Big Picture
Drug Testing

What is a Drug Free Workplace

National Drug Screening is committed to educating businesses and equipping them with tools to help them benefit from drug-free workplace programs.  This article will share