[Video Blog] Same Day Drug Testing Made Easy

There’s something that many people will agree upon; it’s that we live in a world where things happen quickly. Because of technology, we live in an always-on, always-connected society. There’s are many benefits to having information at our fingertips, including the speed with which we can communicate with others. In many ways, we’ve become accustomed to the instant access of data and services provided by the internet. So much so that we are now expecting the same speed of delivery in other aspects of our lives and work. Now, you can order a drug test today.

Regarding drug testing, we consistently spend time finding ways to accelerate our testing services. We’ve noted that other drug testing companies make it difficult to get tests done quickly. They slow down the process with required account creation, paperwork, and processing. We’ve streamlined the process to allow drug testing to happen rapidly.

In fact, with a simple 5-minute phone call, you can order and schedule same-day drug testing for a variety of reasons both personal and professional.

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One example might be for personal or legal reasons. For example, you might need to submit to a drug screening for probation or court-ordered drug testing. Or, you might suspect that you were given a “date rape” drug and you want to take a drug test to verify.

Employers might have a drug screening requirement as part of their drug-free workplace policy. In the case where the employer wants to get an employee started right away, a same-day drug test would ease that process and still help maintain compliance with the policy.

Sometimes employers need a drug test to happen right away when there is a case of reasonable suspicion. If an employee is observed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and an adequately trained supervisor has reasonable suspicion that the employee might place themselves or others at risk, the employer will want to act quickly in scheduling a drug test.

Our comprehensive network of drug testing facilities covers every area of the country. Whether you are in New York City or Las Vegas, Nevada and everywhere else in the United States, we can schedule a nearby drug test in about 10 minutes.

To get started, call one of our highly-trained representatives at 866-843-4545 for same-day drug screening.

[Video Blog] Same Day Drug Testing Made Easy
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