Welcome Training – Online Ordering of Drug Tests

No more paper – order drug tests online.  Gone are the days of the 5 part drug testing chain of custody forms.  Drug tests can easily be ordered through our MRO Results Online drug testing platform.

This is a service for clients of National Drug Screening. Our Welcome Training Video is available on-demand – view on your own schedule.  This will help you to learn how to electronically order your drug screening and access your drug test results.

This will be a short 29 minute training to learn our web system and how to effectively manage your drug testing program. Prior to joining our webinar, please take a moment to log into our system and take a look around:


Your user name is your e-mail address and if you have not previously logged in and your temporary password is: Password#1

Please join us for your Welcome Training anytime your schedule permits, this is an on-demand video training:

Online Ordering of Drug Testing

Thank you,

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National Drug Screening, Inc.

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Welcome Training - Online Ordering of Drug Tests
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