Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training

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1/17/2024 2PM ET
4/17/2024 11AM ET
7/17/2024 3PM ET
10/16/2024 2PM ET

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Course Fee is $129.00, 2 hour Live Webinar

The Designated Employer Representative or DER is the person that is in charge of the employer’s drug & alcohol testing program, this function cannot be outsourced. All DOT regulated employers are required to have a Designated Employer Training (DER) for their DOT drug & alcohol testing programs. Protect your business from non-compliance with DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations. Sign up for this comprehensive, DOT DER Training Webinar. This training is appropriate for all transportation agencies including FMCSA, FAA, FTA, FRA PHMSA & USCG. 

Some of the important topics that will be covered in this training include:

  • DOT Drug Testing Program Requirements
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy
  • What to do if an employee tests positive
  • Return to Duty Process
  • Required Random Testing


In this 2-hour live training webinar, you will learn how to be compliant with DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations. We will teach you about your duties as a Designated Employer Representative, how to effectively manage your drug testing program and how to prepare for an audit from the DOT.

Although this training is not required by DOT, it is a great resource for you to learn how to do the job of a Designated Employer Representative. This is an important job with authority to remove an employee from a safety sensitive position. No one ever went to school to be a DER. Now is the time to learn to do the job right!

Avoid fines and penalties and protect your company. This training will help you to survive a DOT audit on your drug & alcohol testing program.

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This course covers the DER responsibilities for DOT regulated employers in the the following industries:

  • Aviation – FAA
  • Trucking – FMCSA
  • Railroad and MOW – FRA
  • Transit Industry – FTA
  • Oil and gas pipeline – PHMSA
  • Vessels for hire – USCG