Which Type Of Drug Test Is The Right One For Your Needs?

There is no question that when it comes to tools, a drug test can offer a lot of solutions depending on the situation. Whether it’s for child custody, employment pre-screening, after an accident, probation, or something else, drug tests are being used for a wide range of things throughout the country.But which one is the right one for your particular situation? Whether you need a walk in drug testing for a pre-hire screen or are a company that is in need of random drug testing, using the right drug test is a must. So which one is right for you, exactly?

To answer this question, you’ll need to take a look at a few basic points that can help you uncover more about just what it is that you need and which type of test is the best for your needs. Here are the main things to consider.

  • What Is The Test Being Used For? – The first question is just what the test is being used for. For example, random drug testing will be better served if using a urine test than a hair test since it will detect drugs in a system recently and will cost less. Employment screenings may be better served with a hair test since those will be more accurate and detect further back. Knowing why you are testing is the first step to finding the right test for your needs.
  • What Drugs Are You Testing For? – The next consideration is just how many things you’re testing for. For instance, a 5-panel drug screen will only look for things like THC, opiates, cocaine, PCP, and amphetamines. A 10 panel drug screen will look for even more drugs, depending on what you need. Determine what drugs you’re testing for, then identify the type of test that will screen for them.
  • How Long Back Do You Need To Test? – A hair test can detect drugs that were done months earlier, while urine tests only test for 30 to 90 days back depending on the drugs being looked for. Swab tests may only go back for a few hours or a few days and are usually better for identifying if drugs were being used during an accident. This can help you identify the different types of tests that will work for your needs.
These three key tests are the main things you need to consider when deciding on the type of drug test you need. Whether it’s random drug testing, pre-employment screening, probationary testing, or something else entirely, finding the right test is important.

Which Type Of Drug Test Is The Right One For Your Needs?
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