Top Selling Drug Tests at National Drug Screening

What Urine or Hair Drug Tests are Individuals Ordering from National Drug Screening

On a daily basis at National Drug Screening we receive many phone calls from individuals needing a drug test.  Often they say “Where can I get a drug test near me.”  We get calls from parents, attorneys, court systems, probation departments and individuals. With technology today and a robust drug testing software application, we are able to set up an individual for drug testing with immediate same day service anywhere in the United States.  If you need a drug test today, you can order from National Drug Screening on line or over the phone.  I am listing below our top selling drug tests over the past six months.

Hair Drug Test

Hair drug testing or hair follicle drug tests have become our # 1 seller.  Hair drug tests are ordered for probation testing and court ordered or court required drug tests.  We work with many attorneys and court systems for hair drug tests.  We offer a 5 panel hair drug test up to a 17 panel hair test.  We also sell often the EtG alcohol hair drug test.  Click Here to order a hair drug test today or a date rape drug test or the EtG alcohol hair drug test at any of our drug test centers throughout the United States.

EtG Alcohol Testing

Determining any consumption of alcohol is the purpose of the EtG alcohol testing with an 80 hour look back period for the urine EtG alcohol test and up to 90 days look back period for the hair EtG alcohol drug test.  EtG alcohol testing does not detect current impairment or intoxication.  The EtG alcohol testing is used for zero tolerance programs where the individual is prohibited from any consumption of alcohol.  Many times the EtG alcohol test is court ordered or ordered by attorneys for their clients. Testing is available at drug testing centers throughout the United States.

Probation Drug Testing

We deal with individuals on probation and probation departments all across the United States.  There are many different requirements for probation required drug testing.  Always ask your probation officer what drug test you need; specially hair test or urine test and what panel of drugs.  The 5 panel drug test is the most commonly ordered and often it is ordered as a 5 panel drug test + urine alcohol.  We also offer many other urine drug testing panels or hair drug testing panels to be ordered online or over the phone.  Testing is available anywhere in the United States.

5 Panel Drug Test – order by phone or online
5 Panel + Alcohol Urine Drug Test – order by phone or online
10 Panel Drug Test – order by phone or online
10 Panel + Alcohol Urine Drug Test – order by phone or online

Parents Testing Their Kids

Many parents call and ask about testing their teenage kids or adult aged kids.  Yes, we can assist with a drug test of your child.  Of course, the child has to agree to a drug test.  We cannot test the hair off a hair brush, we need to get the hair from the individual being tested.  Both hair drug testing and urine drug testing are popular with parents requesting for their child.  All of our drug testing is confidential and only you and your child will get the drug test results.  We will never report these drug test results to schools or law enforcement.  You can view on line our menu of urine drug tests available and hair drug tests available.  The test we recommend for testing your child with a hair specimen is the Hair Drug Test 9 Panel and with a urine specimen we recommend the 10 Panel with Expanded Opiates Urine Drug Test.

If you have any questions about drug testing, drug test panels or the drugs we test for; you can use the search tool on our web site.  This is authoritative information regarding drug testing, drug free workplace, drugs, probation drug testing, court ordered drug testing and EtG alcohol testing.

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Top Selling Drug Tests at National Drug Screening
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