10 Panel Drug Test

The 10-panel drug test (ten panel drug test) is one of the most popular drug test panels ordered. It is not authorized for United States Department of Transportation (DOT) drug testing. At National Drug Screening, we typically call this a 10-Panel DOT Like drug test to indicate that five of the drugs in the 10-panel are exactly the same as the DOT required 5-panel drug test.

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The 10-panel drug test is often used for employment testing but also for other reasons including personal testing, probation testing, child custody cases and other court ordered reasons. You can order the 10-panel drug test online or just call 866-843-4545.

What Drugs are in the 10-Panel Drug Test?

Here is what is included in the 10-panel drug test: Marijuana, Cocaine, PCP or Phencyclidine, Amphetamines, Opioids, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Methaqualone, Methadone, and Propoxyphene. In the panel the Amphetamines includes Methamphetamines, MDMA or Ecstasy; and the opioids includes Heroin, Codeine, Morphine Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Oxycodone, and Oxymorphone.

What Specimens are used for the 10-Panel Drug Test?

The 10-panel drug test can be tested for with urine, hair or oral fluid specimens. For hair and oral fluid specimens the drug Methaqualone is often not available, so a 9-panel drug test is used. Methaqualone or quaaludes are not used hardly at all in the United States. The manufacturing of the drug was discontinued in the United States in 1985, mainly due to its psychological addictiveness, widespread abuse, and illegal recreational use.

With a urine 10-panel drug test the detection time is about up to 5 days, with oral fluid up to 2 days and hair up to 90 days. All of these specimen types provide accurate results, but as you can see the detection times vary.

What can be added to the 10-Panel Drug Test?

Common drugs that might be added to the 10-Panel Drug Test might include alcohol, fentanyl, ketamine, tramadol, meperidine and buprenorphine. It is best to call for pricing for these drug test panels, our drug testing specialists can help you determine the best panel for your needs and the best pricing available; call 866-843-4545.

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