What Are Your Turnaround Times For Drug Testing?

Always a burning question, how fast can I get my drug test results?  The information below will help you understand.  Turnaround time is always counted from the time that the laboratory receives the specimen from the collection site which is typically the next business day after specimen collection.  These turnaround times are based on drug testing services provided by National Drug Screening, Inc.

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What Can I Expect for Drug Testing Turnaround Time for Results

Standard urine testing (5 and 10 panels)The majority of results (90%) will get back to you in 1 – 2 business days after the lab receives the specimen.  The remaining 10% might take a few days longer due to shipping delays, next-day confirmation testing, MRO review, and other issues that might come up on this particular specimen.  Some specimens need to go on to confirmation testing, this typically adds 1 business day.  Positive tests will always take longer, 4 – 6 business days is the average.

Expanded urine testing panels – As you test for more drugs, there might be another business day in the process.  More complex drug testing panels can take 2 – 3 business days for negative results and 4 – 6 business days for non-negative and positive results.

Hair Testing – the standard 5 panel hair test should take 2 – 3 business days after the lab receives the specimen for negative results and 4 – 6 business days for non-negative and positive results.  Expanded hair testing panels will take at least 7 business days for you to receive results.  This includes the 7 panel hair test, the 9 panel hair test, the 12 panel hair test, and the 14 panel hair test.

For ETG hair testing it will take at least 7 business days after the lab receives the specimen.

ETG alcohol testing with urine is 2 – 3 business days after the lab receives the specimen.

Remember our laboratories are certified by the Federal Government and take every step necessary to report a 100% accurate result.  At times (less than 5%) this takes additional repetitive testing.  We know you want an accurate result and you would not settle for a quicker result that might be inaccurate.  A small percentage of specimens have some type of interference occurring on the lab analysis and can take a little bit longer. Turnaround times are never exact, there are various factors that can affect turnaround time on any specific specimen.  Some of these include interference, weather conditions, mechanical issues with trucks or airplanes, and human error.

What about instant drug tests? Can I get a quick test with instant results?

Many of our drug test centers may offer the 4 panel (no THC), 5 panel, 10 panel, or 10 panel + OXY urine drug tests as an instant test.  This means that you will typically receive any negative results back the same day usually about an hour from the time you leave the collection site.  The results have to be entered into the computer system and go through a quality control process.  For testing occurring late in the day towards the closing of the collection site, you will receive negative results early the next business day.

It is important to note that if the instant drug test result initial screen is not negative, the result will not be reported the same day.  The test is inconclusive and the specimen must go to the laboratory for confirmation testing and then on to the Medical Review Officer for review and verification.  These inconclusive results from the instant drug test can take 4 – 6 business days for a final result.

Not all testing centers have instant drug testing available.  Not all States legally approve instant testing.  You always have to check to see if instant testing is available in your area.  There is no instant testing for hair and National Drug Screening does not recommend instant oral fluid drug testing.

Always Looking to Get Fast Turnaround Time on Drug Testing

Every effort is made to always get you your final drug test results as soon as possible.  At times there can be challenges and everyone in the process is working hard to get you an accurate result.  It is important that you are protected and receive accurate results at all times.  Speed is not the most important factor – accuracy is.

What Are Your Turnaround Times For Drug Testing?
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