Video Blog: DER Training Part 1 of 5

Welcome to the national drug screening video Blog series. In this 5 part series, Tom Fulmer will focus on designated employer representative training.

Designated Employer Representative also known as DER is the primary person responsible for the drug and alcohol testing program specifically for DOT testing but also for any nonDOT testing. The DER must know the drug testing procedures and requirements as well as post-accident and random drug testing rules. They must also have thorough knowledge the DOT regulations as well as any state laws for nonDOT testing.

This series is a preview of the NDS DER Training Courses and covers 5 main areas. These include:

This Video is Part1: Selection of service agents and their role in the drug and alcohol testing process

Additional Videos in this series:

Part 2: Development and implementation of the Drug Free workplace policy

Part 3: Implementation of Supervisor and employee training

Part 4: Management of Drug and Alcohol Testing and related requirements

Part 5: Record Keeping, maintenance of records and what to do in case of an audit.

Part 1 focuses on Service agents which include TPAs (Third Party Administrators), MROs (Medical Review Officers), consortiums, labs (like Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, Alere), policy consultants, drug screen collectors, BAT (Breath Alcohol Technicians), and other that play a role in the drug testing process.

It is critical to keep up to date on your drug testing program as well as changes that may affect you and your company. Remember to utilize the NDS website for its great blog content, videos and search functionality: Visit

Additional and full drug & alcohol industry trainings are available at: Once you complete your courses, you will immediately receive a certificate of completion.

Video Blog: DER Training Part 1 of 5
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