New DOT CCF Form is Now in Effect

As previously reported the new DOT custody and control form (CCF) for DOT and Federal urine specimen collections is now in effect.  When using the old Federal CCF form the lab will require a memorandum for record (MFR), or an affidavit before DOT urine specimens are tested, which will ultimately cause delays.

Although used for Department of Transportation (DOT) urine specimen collections, the form is actually called the Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form (CCF). As of August 30, 2021, the new “revised CCF’ must be used.

For electronic collections or eCCF the changes will automatically be made in these systems offered by FormFox, eScreen 123, Labcorp Web Collect and others.

In this article we will cover:

What Are The Changes On The New Federal CCF Form

Below are the changes to the new Federal CCF form that would affect an employer, donor or collector filling out the form.

Why Is Oral Fluid Listed On The New Federal CCF Form

AS of 09/01/2021 oral fluid specimen testing is not authorized for the DOT drug testing program. Many of the changes on the new form are to accommodate the future use of oral fluid specimens. Major announcements will occur when DOT approves the use of DOT drug testing with oral fluid specimens. This author does not expect this until late 2022.

Oral fluid specimen testing is currently authorized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), part of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS), for testing in Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs. These testing programs affect employees of the Federal Government only.

Where Do I Get The New Federal CCF Form

Depending on who you work with for your drug testing program, you will ultimately get the forms from the Laboratories that are doing the testing. Most employers work with a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) so that should be your first point of contact. If you have a direct contract with a laboratory, then contact the lab to get the new DOT CCF forms. You will always need your lab DOT account number to order these new form and specify the quantity you need. If you need a new account for DOT drug testing contact National Drug Screening.

What Happened To The Instructions On The Back Of The Federal CCF Form

For some reason the instructions were removed from the back of the new DOT Federal CCF form.  It is still required for the collector to review these instructions with the donor and to offer the donor the opportunity to read the instructions. Have some copies printed out at your collection site and good idea to laminate them.  For electronic collections, the instructions appear on the computer screen and can be printed out if necessary.

Instructions for a DOT or Federal Collection

Training Available for DOT Urine Specimen Collections

Training is available to collectors for DOT urine specimen collections. Mock collections are included in these trainings and also offered separately.

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New DOT CCF Form
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