How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test

Big question we get all the time is how to pass a marijuana drug test.  Actually, drug testing is looking for the metabolite of marijuana which is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

So, the questions back to our readers is:

      1. When did you last ingest marijuana?

      1. How often do you ingest marijuana?

    When we say ingest, we mean eat or smoke. Unless you have ingested marijuana like every day; you can pass the oral fluid or urine marijuana drug test after about two weeks of non-use. For hair testing, you must stop using marijuana for over 90 days.

    Evidence of marijuana or THC in urine

    So how long does an evidence of marijuana use show up in urine? The answer varies widely depending on a number of factors. Approximately 15 – 20% of the THC ingested will be eliminated as the metabolite Tetrahydrocannabinol. This means the more potent the marijuana, or the larger the amount ingested, the longer the metabolite will remain present in the urine. With a urine drug screen (UDS) a single use will be detectable for about 4 to 5 days, while habitual use will create a positive urine test for up to 30 days. Daily use of marijuana could be detectable for even longer periods of time.

    Cheating on a Urine Drug Test for Marijuana

    There are many products advertising to help you cheat on the drug test and tell you that you can pass.  We recommend you use these at our own risk.  Some work and some do not. Our labs do rigorous specimen validity testing to test the urine to find out if it has been adulterated or substituted.  If the lab determines you have adulterated or substituted your specimen, your drug test result will be a refusal.  A refusal has the same consequences as a positive drug test result.

    Can you Cheat on Hair Drug Tests?   

    Most say it is impossible to cheat on a hair drug test for marijuana.  Advertised products for hair shampoos and other detoxifying products have no proof of successfully beating a hair drug test for marijuana.  The metabolite of marijuana becomes embedded in the hair shaft in about seven days after ingestion of marijuana.  One particular product advertises “This particular one sneaks into the hair shaft and washes away traces of drug use. It requires continuous use for at least 2 months.” Well, you could have stopped using marijuana just as effectively.

    Can you Cheat on an Oral Fluid Drug Test?

    Most say it is impossible to cheat on an oral fluid drug test for marijuana.  The oral fluid test is conducted ten minutes after you eat or drink anything. The residual of anything you eat, or drink is gone.  Some websites are advertising a mouthwash, this will not work. Detection of THC in oral fluid is only about up to 1 or 2 days maximum.  It is much easier to stop using marijuana for two days then to invest at your own risk these money-making schemes promising you that you will pass the oral fluid drug test for marijuana.

    How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test

    Very easy method, you can follow in one step… stop smoking or ingesting marijuana.

    This includes the plant-based leaf you smoke, hash, edibles, and other products which contain THC.  This can include CBD products.  We recommend taking CBD at your own risk as many CBD products have more THC content than advertised or on the product label.  You can lose your job if you test positive for marijuana.

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