How Do I Get Trained For DOT Urine Specimen Collections For Drug Testing?

Individuals performing drug testing under Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations are required to be trained and qualified to perform the drug test collections. DOT actually requires training, qualification and mock collections (proficiency evaluation).

With any of the training programs offered above, a comprehensive DOT urine specimen collection training manual is available upon request; it includes printed material to read and video links.
DOT does not certify anyone for urine specimen collector training. The certification comes from the organization or instructor that provides you the training, gets you qualified and monitors your proficiency demonstration (mock collections). This is all available with a very easy process and in all areas of the United States, follow the links above.

NDASA Trainer

How long does the collector training take?

Collector training typically takes between two and three hours and the proficiency demonstration (mock collections) take about another two hours.

Is the DOT collector training good in my State?

DOT collector training is performed in accordance with Federal DOT rule 49 CFR Part 40 so therefore available in all areas of the United States.

I only need the mock collections (proficiency evaluation), can you help?

Yes, mock collections or proficiency demonstration only as a separate service is available remote via webcam.  See: DOT Collector Mock Collections. Training is required before you can do the mock collections.

I need Non-DOT urine specimen collection training also, can you assist?

Our DOT urine specimen collector training is designed to also train you to perform Non-DOT urine specimen collections.

Can you train me to be a trainer for DOT urine specimen collection training?

Can you come to my facility to train a group of collectors for to perform the drug test collections?

Yes, custom training is always available. Call Joe Reilly at 321-622-2020 with your details in order to receive a price quote.

Can you come to my facility to train a group of collectors for to perform the drug test collections?

Other DOT Urine Specimen Collection Training Information:

DOT urine collector training
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