FAQ’s Related to FMCSA Random Drug Testing

Random drug testing is often criticized, but it is an extremely effective way to keep employees clean on the job. If an employee doesn’t know if or when they’ll be tested, it can deter them from ever starting drugs in the first place. As America looks to rebuild and retool its workforce, these types of testing policies are becoming even more common. Here’s what you need to know about random testing»

Can an employer include non-CDL Drivers in the random testing pool?
An employer can NOT include any non-CDL drivers in their DOT random testing pool. If an employee operates a CMV with 18,000 pounds, he/she can be tested beyond DOT rules, but it can not be represented as a DOT test. That employee can also not be placed in a non-DOT covered employee drug and alcohol testing pool.

If a test is taken in Q4 but not verified until Q1, what would it count towards?
The test would count to towards the quarter that it was taken in. So in this case, quarter four. As you know, there are a certain number of random tests required by the DOT and meeting this number, and not exceeding it, is critical to DOT Compliance.  

Do part-time drivers need to be in the random drug testing pool?
Yes, regardless of an employee’s status, they must be included in the pool if they carry a CDL. Part time and full time employees will have an equal chance of being selected.

How often should selections take place under an employer’s random testing program?
The policy states that an employer must spread their testing evenly throughout the calendar. They do this so employees can’t manipulate the schedule and prepare for examinations. At no time should an employee be notified of a random test or given any reason to believe they’ll be in the next group selected. This would be an example of non-compliant activity.

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FAQ’s Related to FMCSA Random Drug Testing
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