Employer Solutions for Reasonable Suspicion and Post Accident Testing

When you have a reasonable suspicion situation or an accident on the job, you are often now trying to get a drug and alcohol test completed.  This is often difficult.  If it is after hours or over the weekend it is extremely difficult.

There is a solution available which is lab based oral fluid testing.  Currently this is NonDOT only.  This testing is designed for an employer manager or supervisor to manage the process of collecting the oral fluid specimen, completing some paperwork and sending the specimen to the Lab.  The oral fluid collection is a very simple 5-minute process of the employee placing a swab in their mouth to collect saliva. 

With this program you are provided:

Oral fluid collection how to
  • Training for the oral fluid collection and paperwork
  • Oral fluid testing kits – collection pad (sponge) to collect a sufficient amount of saliva
  • Shipping supplies and air bill to overnight the specimen off to the lab.
  • Ongoing consultative assistance

The collection device has a volume indicator to alert you that you have enough specimen.

Negative results will be available and reviewed by a Medical Review Office (MRO) one to two days from the time the lab receives the specimen.  Positive results could take a day or so longer. 

It would be a Company decision as to whether to have the employee to return to work pending the test result or have them stay home until the result comes back from the MRO.

Our 9-panel drug test with alcohol is recommended for this program.  The tests includes alcohol along with marijuana, PCP, amphetamines, opiates, cocaine, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, methadone, propoxyphene.  The opiates testing includes the expanded opioid testing of hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxycodone and oxymorphone.

Oral fluid testing is reliable and accurate and has a short window of detection of very recent drug use up to 2 days.  This is perfect for a reasonable suspicion situation or an accident on the job.  Cheating on this test is virtually impossible.

Some great benefits of this solution:

a person holding a sealed oral fluid test kit
  • You are not searching down a collection site to deal with an employee who may be impaired or who just had an accident
  • You are not having to have a supervisor transport an employee possibly impaired to a collection site
  • Short window of detection to determine recent drug use
  • Traditional urine drug testing will not detect very recent drug use (within the last few hours).

Learn more about oral fluid drug testing or call Joe Reilly at 321-622-2020 to get started with a great solution for reasonable suspicion and post-accident testing.

Two options for Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training:

Online Computer Based Training

Webinar Training (call to discuss custom webinar for your company)

Oral Drug Screen
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