Electronic CCF Instant Drug Tests

Questions often come in about what is the best way to record the chain of custody when performing an instant drug test and what is the best way to report the negative result. This information is for employers, collection sites and TPA’s that perform in house collections at their own facilities. This is a great solution for recording the results of an instant test and a procedure for sending in non-negative specimens for confirmation testing at a lab.

The NexScreen program for instant or point of collection testing (POCT) is available from National Drug Screening. Learn more about the NexScreen instant testing program.

There is a state of the art robust system solution for recording the chain of custody when performing an instant drug test and reporting the negative result.  With this solution the employer representative in charge of receiving results has them electronically in minutes.  Talk about fast turnaround time.

The NexScreen program combines an instant drug testing cup product with electronic custody and control as well as electronic reporting of the negative drug test results. 

With this program the collection is recorded paperless on your computer, laptop or tablet.  The program features step-by-step collection procedures and an electronic signature feature capturing both the donor’s and collector’s signature.  NexScreen’s electronic data management system is your complete solution for point of care testing (POCT). This state- of-the-art technology was designed for companies to view results instantaneously following a collection. Results can be viewed within the platform or delivered via fax or email.

The NexScreen Cup point of collection drug screen features:

  • Results in five minutes
  • Leak proof design for transportation
  • Easy to Read: Color coded with one drug per strip
  • Donor Consent & Label Forms and shipping supplies are provided with each box of cups ordered
  • Different configurations available—    6-Panel: (C-60610N) and 10-Panel: (C-61012N)

6-Panel: (C-60610N) – AMP1000/COC300/MET1000/OPI2000/PCP25/THC50

10-Panel: (C-61012N) – MDMA500/MET1000/MTD300/OPI2000/OXY100/THC50

Bundled pricing is featured for the NexScreen program which includes the instant drug testing cup, use of the technology for the electronic CCF, result reporting, result storage, all lab confirmations and MRO review on all tests going to the lab for confirmation.  One price includes everything, the program will save you money over traditional lab testing.

Other great features of the NexScreen program:

  • Collection statuses reported in real time
  • The Donor Consent & Label Form eliminates the traditional five part Custody and Control Form
  • The Donor Consent & Label Form eliminates the traditional five part Custody and Control Form
  • Experienced in-house MRO team available to review non-negative results

National Drug Screening provides the complete NexScreen program for employers, TPA’s and collection sites.  Streamline you instant drug testing program, eliminate paper, save time and save money.  Call today at 866-843-4545.

Electronic CCF Instant Drug Tests
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