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NexScreen Instant Drug Testing

National Drug Screening works with employers for instant drug testing. Our NexScreen products come in multiple configurations but most popular are:

This is an instant drug testing program with client self-collect. The program includes the instant testing kits, results reporting forms, Lab Confirmations and MRO review on non-negatives, data entry, results reporting and results storage.

NexScreen Cups

It is important to note that with any instant drug testing, a non-negative results must be confirmed at a laboratory with result reviewed and verified by a medical review officer. The benefit to instant drug testing is the immediate negative result enabling the employer to get the applicant to work ASAP. The use of instant drug testing is not approved for DOT drug testing programs.

For detailed technical information on the NexScreen Drug Screen Cup, visit the Package Insert for OTC Use.

To learn more or order NexScreen instant drug testing products, contact:

Tom Fulmer, 321-622-2040,
Joe Reilly, 321-622-2020,