Crime in Baltimore – Substance Abuse – Drug Testing

Crime including murders has been excessive in Baltimore.  Much of his can be contributed to illegal drug trade and substance abuse.  Baltimore has surpassed New York City for homicides this year.  As of August 20, 2015, Baltimore reported 213 homicides.  Baltimore has a population of just 620,000 while New York with over 8 million people saw 208 homicides in the same period in 2015.

Individuals needing a drug test in Baltimore can call now for immediate service.  Drug testing is available for pre-employment, court-ordered drug testing, probation drug testing, divorce cases, child custody cases and for personal reasons.  Drug testing can be arranged in all areas of Baltimore at local facilities.  Same day service is available and in most locations in Baltimore immediate negative drug test results are available on the same day.

Truck drivers needing drug testing and random drug testing consortium programs can call now for immediate service and enrollment into the FMCSA DOT drug testing consortium program.  Consortium programs are convenient and affordable with great customer service.

Employers needing to set up drug testing programs in Baltimore can call now for immediate set up for drug testing and drug-free workplace programs.  Drug testing locations ae open daily throughout the Baltimore, Maryland area.  Drug testing is available in Baltimore for pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return to duty and follow-up.  Both DOT and Non-DOT drug testing programs can be set up with same day service in Baltimore, Maryland.

All types of employee and applicant testing are permitted in Baltimore, Maryland.  Instant on site testing is only permitted for pre-employment and not for random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return to duty and follow-up.  A written drug testing policy must be available and provided to any person who tests positive on a drug or alcohol for employment purposes.

It is important in Baltimore, Maryland that employers only use trained specimen collectors to perform drug testing on employees and applicants.  In pre-employment testing in Baltimore, Maryland; on-site or instant testing is allowed with FDA approved devices; lab confirmation drug testing and MRO are required for positives along with chain of custody procedures and all records from instant screening testing must be retained for 1 year.  A $50 registration fee is required every 2 years for those administering instant drug testing or point of collection drug testing in Baltimore and all areas of Maryland.

Maryland State law requires strict procedures for testing, confidentiality, and other procedures.

An employee who tests positive must be given: a copy of the drug test results, a copy of the employer’s written drug testing policy, written notice of any adverse action the employer plans to take based on the drug test results, and a notice of the employee’s right to an independent confirmation test at the employee’s expense.  For laboratory drug testing a SAMHSA certified laboratory must be used for workplace drug testing.

Help stop crime in Baltimore, Maryland.  Drug and alcohol testing, hair follicle testing and EtG alcohol testing are available with same day service in all areas of Baltimore, Maryland.  Call now for same day service.

Crime in Baltimore – Substance Abuse – Drug Testing
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