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One phone call gets you in for a test the next day or in some cases the same day.

Ohio is a drug testing friendly state.  In Ohio when implementing a drug-free workplace program an employer can save money on worker’s compensation insurance.  Ohio employers should take advantage of the state program for drug-free workplace which offers discounts on worker’s compensation insurance.  There are some laws in Ohio that actually require drug testing programs or drug-free workplace programs for certain employers.

Immediate drug testing is available in Ohio with one phone call.  Do you need a drug test now?

National Drug Screening can help you with drug screening facilities in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Akron, Dayton, Toledo, Youngstown, Canton, Findlay, Steubenville, Dublin, Sandusky, Lima, Defiance, Mentor, Athens, Chillicothe, Massillon, Westerville, Springfield, Mansfield, Cuyahoga Falls, Zanesville, Mason, Warren, Elyria, Put-in-Bay, Perrysburg, Strongsville, Xenia, Middletown, Wooster, Chagrin Falls, Westlake, Grove City, Marietta, Lakewood, Newark, Lorain, Delaware, Troy, Reynoldsburg, Hamilton, Bloomingville, Kettering, Kent, Medina, Delphos, Gahanna and Lancaster.  Drug testing centers are open in all of these cities.  Do you need a drug test for court-ordered situation or for personal reasons?

Ohio law indicates all companies – in the state or out of state – that bid or work on state construction projects must have a drug-free workplace program no matter how many employees they have. This applies to contractors and all levels of subcontractors who want to work on a state of Ohio construction project, who want to bid on and/or provide labor services, and/or supervise workers on state construction sites. Even employers with no employees must have at least a drug-free program in place that meets the basic requirements.

On March 29, 2010, the Ohio Bureau of workers’ compensation voted to adopt its new drug-free safety program (DFSP) in an attempt to prevent workplace injuries attributed to the use or abuse of drugs and alcohol. the new program will replace the current drug-free workplace program and the drug-free EZ program as of July 1, 2010.  Workers comp premium discounts now range from 4% – 7%, and not limited to five years (the advanced level will require random drug testing of 25% of employees).  The information available at:  http://www.ohiobwc.com/employer/programs/dfspinfo/dfspdescription.asp

Some benefits of setting up a drug free workplace program with drug and alcohol testing in Ohio:

  • Ohio has a workers comp drug-free safety program (DFSP) with detailed requirements and new workers comp premium discounts which range from 4% – 7%
  • Ohio has a workers comp law that provides presumed denial of benefits where there is a positive result and all requirements have been met.
  • Ohio has an unemployment law that provides an employee may be disqualified for unemployment benefits if the department finds the discharge was “for misconduct connected with his work, consisting of drug use, as evidenced by a positive, confirmed drug test.”
  • Ohio has a law that requires state construction contractors to participate in the BWC drug-free workplace program.
  • Ohio has a law that requires testing of school bus drivers.
  • Ohio has a voluntary law that provides the terms and conditions under which an employer can qualify for a premium discount/credits and the presumptive denial of benefits when there is a positive test or refusal to test.  insurer/self-insured must notify the state annually that the employer is qualified for the program benefits.
  • Ohio has a voluntary law that requires collective bargaining agreements to comply with the law.
  • Ohio has a law that provides physicians who report drug use in certain industries enjoys immunity from civil claims by the donor.

Other Ohio drug testing issues at a glance:

  • No limits on random testing
  • Some limits regarding onsite collections – instant testing or point of collection testing – POCT
  • Regarding instant testing, the Ohio rules indicate that an employer must follow the HHS guidelines, “as adopted by” dot.  this would prohibit instant testing, oral fluid and hair testing for employers seeking workers comp benefits or working on state projects
  • Employers shall ensure that DHHS certified laboratories process the test results and that a qualified medical review officer is responsible for evaluating all test results
  • For non-dot, best to follow the new drug-free safety program (DFSP) guidelines from the Ohio Bureau of workers’ compensation.

Companies in Ohio are not required to participate with the new drug-free safety program (DFSP) guidelines from the Ohio Bureau of workers’ compensation.  Companies not participating in the program may conduct random testing at whatever frequency it deems appropriate and also conduct on-site testing or test oral fluid or hair samples.

National drug screening works with drug testing facilities or drug testing centers as well as mobile drug testing collectors in many areas of Ohio including Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Dayton, Toledo, Cincinnati and Dover.  For non-dot drug testing, electronic scheduling of drug testing is available eliminating the common five-part custody and control form or ccf.  So in Ohio for non-dot drug testing, national drug screening can offer paperless drug testing or e-chain as well as E-POCT.

The Ohio drug-free workplace program requires the five common components of a drug-free workplace program including a policy, supervisor training, employee education, employee assistance program (EAP), and finally drug testing.  employers participating in the program must conduct drug testing as follows:

  • 100-percent, pre-employment drug testing (or new-hire testing or a combination of the two) for private employers and 100-percent of safety-sensitive or special needs positions for public employers;
  • Reasonable suspicion of alcohol and/or another drug testing as appropriate;
  • Post-accident alcohol and/or other drug testing of anyone who may have caused or contributed to an accident following an accident investigation for private employers and, with documentation of reasonable suspicion following an accident investigation, for public employers;
  • Return-to-duty alcohol and/or other drug testing for employees who are given a second chance after a positive test;
  • Follow-up alcohol and/or other drug testing for employees who are allowed to retain employment following a positive test and who return to duty;
  • For advanced-level employers only, random drug testing of 15-percent of the total average annual work force for private employers or 15-percent of the total average annual safety-sensitive positions for public employers.

You do not have to conduct a post-accident test if all of the following circumstances exist:

  • The accident resulted in a minor injury, even when off-site medical attention was required;
  • There was no violation of work rules;
  • An accident investigation determined there was no reasonable suspicion related to the accident;
  • The accident is considered normal in relation to the job functions of the injured employee.

Employers drug testing in Ohio conducts urine drug testing at a SAMHSA certified laboratory with a medical review office (MRO) that includes review and verification of non-negative or positive drug test results.  Testing is typically the five-panel: THC (marijuana), cocaine (crack), amphetamine/methamphetamine (ecstasy), opiates (morphine), and PCP – phencyclidine.  Additional testing is authorized including those acknowledged as drugs of abuse in the company’s local communities. these include prescription medications such as oxycodone (expanded opiates test), barbiturates, benzodiazepines, methadone, and propoxyphene.

Drug testing centers in Ohio offer urine drug testing, hair drug testing, oral fluid drug testing, probation drug testing, and court-ordered drug testing and alcohol testing including ETQ. One phone call gets you in for a test the next day or in some cases the same day.

For drug testing in Ohio for employers call now: 866-843-4545

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