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National Drug Screening offers accurate, confidential, and secure drug testing to personal, private, and public sectors, including individuals. When results are needed immediately for legal or personal reasons, National Drug Screening offers convenient locations and peace of mind. We use MRO services which implement a certified medical review officer (MRO) that provides fair, and accurate drug testing on all the samples collected.

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The MRO team consists of qualified medical review officers and full-time MRO assistants. Our software integrates with some of the most popular SAMHSA certified labs in the country such as CRL, Quest, Alere, LabCorp, Omega, and MedTox. In order to comply with the Department of Transportation (DOT), state, and federal laws and regulations, all specimens should be collected by qualified collectors and tested by a SAMHSA certified laboratory, and results reviewed and verified by a certified medical review officer (MRO).

State-of-the-art software is used to schedule and manage simple to complex tests on hair, urine, and saliva also know as oral fluid. Samples that are diluted intentionally or tampered with are rejected, listed as invalid or incomplete for testing. These findings are reported through our monitoring services. Most companies implement a drug-free workplace policy that allows them to perform random drug tests on employees. This type of program many times allows companies to receive a discount on their workers’ compensation insurance.

Safety in the workplace is a priority and a necessity. National Drug Screening has drug testing centers available throughout the state of Kentucky. We perform urinalysis, oral, and hair testing to ensure complete accuracy. Some drugs leave a residue in the body that is often difficult to detect. However, with the right testing software and equipment, drug testing can be very efficient. Some drugs are detectable in the body for up to 90 days with hair testing. Immediate drug testing is available for work or school. We offer consultation services for companies that do not have a drug-free workplace program but want to initiate one.

ETG alcohol testing is also available. It may be used for court, probation, and substance abuse treatment programs. The ETG alcohol test reveals the use of alcohol within the past three to five days or up to 80 hours. With hair testing for ETG the look back period can be up to 90 days. This is typically not used for employment testing unless part of a second chance agreement. 

Employers looking to create a drug-free workplace in Kentucky must meet certain standards including:

  1. A company’s drug-free workplace program policy, this policy must include:
    • A statement identifying each alcohol and drug test that will be conducted;
    • A statement describing the employer’s employee assistance program;
    • A description of the alcohol and substance abuse education and awareness training program for employees and supervisory personnel
    • A statement describing the confidentiality of the employer’s drug-free workplace program.


  1. A statement to each employee of the company’s drug-free workplace program policy, this policy statement is posted in a prominent place at each worksite and includes:
    • Notification to employees that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of alcohol or a controlled or illicit substance is prohibited in the workplace;
    • The methods that may be used by the employer to determine if violations by an employee exist; and
    • The actions that will be taken against employees for violations of the company’s drug-free workplace program policy
    • Educational materials were distributed to all employees and supervisor
    • Supervisor training materials distributed to all supervisor
    • An employee education program will be delivered with a live presentation or computer-based online training
    • Supervisor training program will be delivered with a live presentation or computer-based online training
    • Employee assistance program


Companies that establish a drug-free workplace program are entitled to receive a discount on their workers’ compensation insurance. Kentucky has a voluntary law that offers a workers’ compensation premium discount to qualifying companies (KRS §304.13-167 offers a 5% credit on workers’ compensation premiums as long as employers establish a program according to 803 KAR 25:280 and the credit is not actuarially unsound). Those that do not wish to receive the workers’ compensation premium discount are not obligated to comply with this regulation.

Safety in the workplace is a universal concern. Employees who are suspected of having a drug or alcohol problem are referred to as a drug counseling program and carefully monitored. The success of any company depends on the education and training they provide to their employees. National Drug Screening Services can help companies set up a drug-free workplace program at your company.

Kentucky revised statutes §342.610(3) states that liability for compensation does not apply when injury, occupational disease, or death are directly caused by “voluntary intoxication.”  (see definition of “intoxication” below.).  A company with a proper drug-free workplace may be able to deny a workers’ compensation claim when the employee tests positive on the post-accident drug test.

Kentucky revised statutes §341.370(6) states that reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs or consuming alcohol or drugs on the employer’s premises during work hours constitutes misconduct, for which an individual may be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits.

At National Drug Screening, we perform the state-required probation drug test and dot consortium random drug testing. We offer a 5-panel and 10-panel testing model that can easily detect amphetamines, ecstasy, opiates, barbiturates, propoxyphene, buprenorphine, methamphetamine, marijuana, PCP, and cocaine. All non-negative tests includes confirmation testing by certified labs and reviewed by a medical review officer (MRO), so there is no chance of getting a false positive on any test we conduct. Our drug testing centers and certified laboratories can verify or deny a claim of alcohol or drug abuse.

Recreational marijuana remains illegal in Kentucky as of May, 2023. Kentucky’s medical cannabis program is slated to launch by January 2025. Senate Bill 247, 03/31/23: signed by Governor.

DOT compliance is vital for companies regulated by the United States Department of transportation. Employees operating buses, vans, cars, and commercial vehicles are required by some agencies to participate in random drug and alcohol testing. Drug and alcohol-related accidents can result in companies losing their contracts. Depending on the circumstances, some companies are sued in court and are forced to close their doors forever.

National Drug Screening services can prevent these unfortunate events from occurring. Employers can schedule a drug or alcohol test for their employees at any time. Results are transmitted via a secure web portal or e-mail to courts, probation officers, and employees. Drug test scheduling can made by picking up the telephone and dialing our toll-free number, 1-866-843-4545, or Order Online.

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