Why Do Individuals Need A Personal Drug Test?

These days we hear so much about drug screenings that they’ve become a ubiquitous part of our lives. But while passing a drug test is often a requirement for employment or to receive insurance compensation following an accident, it’s usually major corporations that are handling the tests, right? But what about individuals who need to have a test of their own?

There are a few reasons that individuals may need a personal drug test, and looking at some of them should help shed some light on this surprising and often overlooked side of the process.

  • The obvious reason is to ensure that passing a drug test is something they can do. Employment is a key step on the road to sobriety, but for those who are only recently sober it may be heartbreaking to land an interview only to fail the test later. A personal drug screen will let you see whether or not you’re ready to take that steps and secure your employment.
  • Self-employed individuals may need to have a personal drug test done in order to qualify for medical insurance, insurance payouts, or to land specific contacts with various organizations or companies. Drug screenings serve many additional functions beyond just landing a job.
  • Similarly, contractors or contracted laborers could need to provide their own drug test results to do work for specific companies or organizations. Passing a drug test on your own could be the key that unlocks a wide range of different doors and lets you take advantage of new opportunities.

In short, there are plenty of different reasons that making sure passing a drug test is something you can do is an important step in your overall life plan. Taking the time to find a drug testing provider is something worth doing, and could help you better yourself in several different ways.

Why Do Individuals Need A Personal Drug Test?
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