Top 5 Reasons An Individual Could Need Drug Testing

When most people think of drug testing, they think of the drug screen test that is used by employers to determine whether or not someone can be hired onto the position in question. And indeed, pre-employment drug screening has become incredibly common throughout all industries.

But did you know that an individual could need to conduct a drug screen test on their own? There are several reasons that people may have to enlist the help of professional drug testing organizations. Let’s take a look at five of the main ones.

  1. Employment – We’ve already mentioned this, but in terms of an employer running a test. If you’ve made mistakes in the past and are trying to move your life back in the right path, making sure that you can pass a drug screen test is important. Many people may take a personal test to be sure before they apply for a job with an employer.
  2. Contractual Reasons – Often, contracts may involve staying sober or showing that you are drug free. Contracted truck drivers or those involved in a wide range of fields could have to take their own drug screen and show the results to clients in order to maintain the contract – or to land it at all.
  3. Insurance Verification – Workplace accidents, auto accidents, and any other number of issues that lead to insurance claims are another example of when a drug test may be used. A drug screen test could be utilized to show fault in an insurance claim or to make certain that you receive the compensation you’re owed.
  4. Divorce Or Child Custody – Child custody and divorce cases can become incredibly nasty. In some cases, proving that a parent or spouse is drug free is a key part of the case and something that needs to be done.
  5. Probation Or Court Ordered Scenarios – After a criminal conviction, taking regular or random drug tests may be part of a court order. In some instances, individuals may need to take drug screenings as part of a court order.

No matter the situation, drug testing is something that is often needed. The 5 reasons above are just a few of the different examples of an individual having to conduct their own test, but they highlight the growing field of drug testing and its impact on society today.

Top 5 Reasons An Individual Could Need Drug Testing
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